The Super Delayed Secret Santa | Day 25

In office, we’ve been delaying this popular game of exchanging gifts from a nameless person who’s our secret santa during the season of giving.

The reason being the fluctuations in Mumbai temperatures leading to ill employees.

During the Christmas season almost all offices have this warm game played amongst their teams.

I call it a warm game because it quickly strikes a chord with our santa(though an secret one). There’s a bright smile on our face when our santa guesses our likes just perfectly through mere observations.

Today, I received a pen and a chocolate box from my secret santa. I loved it. Last year, in my previous office also I was gifted a pen.

This gesture of my santa conveys a beautiful message – that I should write more. Secret Santa’s gift is not just a gift, it’s feeling.

And I’m also happy to know that I’ve been a good santa for someone else. The smile on his face said it all.

No doubt this game has got a lot of business to the gift shops as it’s got that emotional touch to it.

Nevertheless the excitement, curiosity and happiness involved in playing secret santa is pleasing. I have treasured my last year’s secret santa gift and I’ll continue doing it for all the upcoming gifts.

That was all from me.

Your Turn :

Did you get a secret santa gift this year? And did you like it? Please share what gift you’ve received from your santa in the comment section below. I’d love to know it.

See you tomorrow 😇

Also, this is 25th post of a 30 day blog marathon that I’m doing.


P.S. Thank You Santa 😊

P.P.S  Today I met that beautiful transgender after a long time. She made my day. Click here if you don’t know who she is. 


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  1. Finally the binge read is done….caught up with all your blogs I had missed on….sadly due to a slightly tied up schedule.
    I want to suggest something for your next piece if I may….
    There is this interesting feature of taking screenshots that has been making and destroying peoples lives on the internet….
    Would love to read your take on it….
    Keep writing

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