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The Gorgeous Transgender I’ve Ever Seen!

It’s been a long time since I saw her. Maybe because I’m getting late to the office on these unpredictable rainy days, I’m not able to take my usual train. All thanks to the rain gods and our very own Indian Railways.

I look around for her every day, but to my despair, I see her nowhere.

You must be wondering the reason behind my distress for a mere transgender person on the train. Let’s go into the details without any ado.

Since the time I’ve started travelling on the Harbour Railway, I saw this beautiful transgender person on the train. She has the perfect body stats every girl wishes. She’s dressed up neat and clean. The glow on her face freshens up the entire compartment.

Women look at her and giggle amongst themselves. Maybe they admire her beauty or the way she carries herself so darn well. But, to be honest, I check out on her from head to toe. She has golden-brown hair that fuses well with her fair complexion.

The eyeliner she draws above her eyes is too artistic to believe that it is her who has applied it. The thin layer of kohl below her eyes gives a subtle yet glamorous look to her watery eyes.

Her salwar kameez fits and squeezes her body, giving her a barbie look. Many times she wears tight-fitting, high-quality leggings making her look the bombshell of Mumbai.

It took me three consecutive days to count the number of tattoos on her body. She has one on both her hands, one on the back of her neck, and the most attractive one the front side just above her breast. That particular tattoo is half-visible to us despite her deep necked top. Did you imagine the exact location of her tattoo?

Well, it’s but natural.

She wears an esthetic earring and pendant set. The elegance that she carries with her is mind-blowing. I cannot move my eyes off her.
The other day she was sharing her Instagram handles with a couple of girls. I was so curious to know it, but unfortunately she did not call it out loud; instead, she typed it for them in their phones.

But what came next blew my head off. She said, “Follow Karo, Like Karo aur Bhi Share Karo. Famous ho gayi to kya pata Big Boss main aajau.”

I burst out in a peal of silent laughter.

Her accent is much of a transgender person, but it feels pleasant to the ears. Her words are fluent, and her English is more or less like the high-class women. The blush and all the other make-up stuff that she uses is also of good quality.

If you’re a Harbour Line commuter by now, you’ve guessed who this transgender person is. And for others, I’m sure you’ve imagined her silhouette by far.

Though it’s a contradictory issue on how do we address a transgender person, I’d never dare to say ‘He.’ I’m quite comfortable in using the pronoun – ‘she’ (a subtle disclaimer). You can check out here to do in-depth research or get a clarification.  

If it wasn’t for her accent and her visible manly facial cuts, nobody would ever believe her to be transgender. Upon contemplation, I realize that she’s not only the gorgeous transgender person I’ve ever seen but also a person having a beautiful heart if it was not that I wouldn’t be missing her today.

Once while gazing at her, I had forgotten to blink for a while. Upon realization, my hands consciously ran for my phone. And accidentally the front camera was turned on.

It scared me — more than that it was saddening. I looked pale at the brightest hour of the day. And here was a transgender person beautifully dressed up and shining all around.

When I shut my phone’s screen, she happened to walk past me. As I was sitting on the fourth seat (the seat in Mumbai locals where you the fourth person can touch a certain amount of his/her bums onto it), I could see her exceptionally closely. She was God gifted for she had no need to wax them. She has tender, soft, golden hair on her hands, that added to her beauty.

The next time I meet her, I wish to ask for her Instagram handle. If you liked this blog of mine, please do share. Maybe it reaches her. Also, if you have already seen her, please let me know in the comment section below. I would love to know how much could you relate to what I described.



P.S. I wish I had her picture to put up on my blog.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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4 thoughts on “The Gorgeous Transgender I’ve Ever Seen!

  1. I haven’t seen her but the way you described i really wish i can see her or her picture. Its really fascinating. Wese bhi aj kl ladke dhang ke dikhte nh 😝

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