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7 Subtle Things To Do On Vacation


I’m sure most of you are eagerly waiting for your summer vacation. Few of you are already traveling off away from the monotonous and sweaty city life.

With the temperatures making new records, you’re bound to plan a vacation way ahead of the summer. Curling up into nature’s lap is the only way to kill the summer blues (though for a few days).

From the magical transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly to the roar of the gushing waves on the seashore nature abounds with wonders. Opening the windows of your car and turning off the AC are the signs you’ve crossed the city life and are off to get close to nature.

Appreciating nature helps you understand that you are a part of a larger universe and that all living things serve a purpose. Don’t you think you should be doing more subtle things than just clicking pictures for your Instagram stories and posts?

Here are seven subtle activities to spark your interest in the natural world and to build imagination, inquisitiveness, and compassion when on vacation.

1. Go Bird-watching

When was the last time you saw a sparrow drinking water from its tiny beak and pecking little particles from a colossal fruit? If you live in a city, it’s hard to recollect, isn’t it?

When you’re on vacation, at your native place or a new place altogether, get to know the birds in that area. Investigate trees, bushes, and listen to the sound of dry leaves that you crush beneath your feet as you walk along with the vegetation. Observe a bird’s color, size, and behavior. Listen to its song, and watch how it flies.

You’ll find your connection with nature to a great extent.

2. Gather Nature’s Collectibles

Collecting nature’s debris like acorns, colorful autumn leaves, bird feathers, pretty rocks, and shells can be a fun hobby.

Awaken the creative person within you. Think about how you can use the shells collected, though not actually come back and practically make it (due to the same old excuse – “Where’s the time?”).

Creative thinking can alone make a difference in your mood altogether.

3. Stroll with your senses

Explore the outdoors with your insights on high alert. Look under logs and rocks for insects and chameleons. Sniff the eucalyptus tree. Play with the mimosa plant.

Feel the rough bark or the sticky sap. Listen to the sounds of birds, water, and small animals.

Also, listen to the crickets chirping in the dark night and sit back on the armchair pondering on the day’s activities.

Allow the salty water kiss your legs and help you forget all your worries and anxieties. Watch your footsteps that you leave back on the sandy beaches.

Move around like a child when you’re on vacation.

4. Gaze at the stars

On a clear night, go outside with nothing in your hands. Stroll around and feel the coolness in the air.

Gather your family or neighborhood friends or the people with you on vacation and enjoy chit-chatting or playing ‘antakshari.’

5.Celebrate the sunrise and sunset

Enjoy the sky’s changing hues, and look and listen for early birds and nocturnal creatures. Don’t lie on your bed and miss the early morning bliss.

Make the most of your trip, and for that, you need to rise early and be on the ‘Get-Set-Go’ mode.

6. Make peace with yourself

Steal some time off for yourself and contemplate on ‘life’ and its beauty. Be grateful to the Almighty to have given you a chance to experience such subtle moments of life.

Lie below the sky and gaze at the moon with your hands making a pillow for you. For once feel your head functioning smoothly without any pressure, tension, deadlines, future plans, etc.

7. Converse with each other

Please don’t be too attached to your mobile phone that you don’t spend quality time with the people traveling with you. I understand how important is our phone to us but can’t we carry out all our updates after coming back from the vacation?

Is it so important to post stories and tag people while on vacation? What’s the use of tagging your neighbor and not talking with him/her in real?

It seems insane right?

Then why not spend some profound moments with your companions or travel mates when they’re still around you. Nobody is going to be back together sooner after that.

While I wrote this blog, I actually felt each and every moment, as if I was on vacation. That’s the power of words which can feel even while you sit in the hottest of the temperatures (I’m sitting in my house in Mumbai without turning on the AC)

And see, I saved my money by almost writing down a vacation. Apart from jokes, I did feel fresh after writing this blog.

I hope you also liked the blog. If so, do let me know in the comment section below or simply reply to this email.

As promised, I’ll be writing blogs to help you keep yourself inspired throughout. And yes, thank you for all the love you showed for Why I Quit My Job blog.

With love comes responsibility. So here I am with this new one. Many more to come. Do subscribe if you want to receive my blogs in your mailbox.

I would love to know one subtle thing you do when you’re at a vacation.

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2 Replies to “7 Subtle Things To Do On Vacation”

  1. This sounds like the most enduring, peaceful and calm vacation one would like to go on….away from work, worries, drama, people…just you and your senses all alive to inhale the rawness nature has…
    Thankyou for sharing this….keep writing more of these…we need it

    1. Yes Sam. Will keep writing. Thank you for this wonderful comment 😊

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