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A Paragraph From Mrs.Rao & The Interview!

Mrs. Rao is a short story that I published on Kindle a few months back. Some of you loved the book and have expressed it on Amazon via your reviews.

Every venture teaches us something in life. I learned something new from this experience. There are different types of readers around. Some strike the right chord with the book and some others take a while to process and absorb the writer’s thoughts.

Here’s a piece of my short story exclusively for you, my dear reader.

After her father’s death, Aparna lived alone in the 1 BHK flat. She had a king-sized bed in the bedroom. The dressing table integrated into the well-furnished wardrobe. The kitchen had all the amenities every household should have — the food processor, refrigerator, toaster, water purifier, etc. But compared to the other two rooms, her kitchen was too small for more than two people to stand at the same time — the wooden dining table set in the living room carved into pretty designs at all the four edges. The temple in Aparna’s house had innumerable idols of different Gods. Ganpati Bappa got a place right in the center of the temple. All the other Gods surrounded him in a particular pattern decided by Aparna. She also hung frames of Gods and Goddesses beside the temple walls.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Rao Aunty. Is it you?”, called out the boy from outside. He was her neighbour. The boy was concerned after seeing the unlocked door as he was informed that Aparna would be at the wedding for the whole day.

Aparna reassured him that it was her and told him that there was no need to worry. She closed the door behind her and was shell-shocked on hearing the tiny tots question. The girl in the princess dress asked her mother, “Aunty’s surname is Rao?”

There was pin-drop silence in the living room. The make-up artist’s assistant had no idea about the sudden silence.

I hope you enjoyed reading it.


Click here to read the complete story. It’s a gripping short story that’ll leave you mesmerised and contemplating on the real definition of love.

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Let me tell you something special about Mrs. Rao.

A young entrepreneur, and an author of six books, Devanshi Sharma happened to buy and read Mr.Rao from kindle and asked me if I could give an interview.

She runs a content marketing service – Mithaas services which is a one-stop solution for all your content needs. Check out their impressive website here.

I was on cloud nine when she asked me for an interview.

I loved the questions she asked and thoroughly enjoyed answering them. Her team then converted the interview into these charming creatives.

Take a look at the below interview questions.

Did you like the interview? Share your views in the comment section below.

Mithaas services had their stall in the very popular World Book Fair 2020. It is held at Delhi every year. This year it was a huge event of 8 days which started from 4th of January and gloriously showed until the 12th of January i.e. yesterday.

Though Mrs.Rao is an ebook, Mithaas services did not hesitate to showcase it on their stall. They went a step ahead and printed the book’s cover and had it exhibited at the World Book Fair.

My heartfelt gratitude to the entire Mithaas team. They’re doing an exemplary job. Do visit their website and help yourself with your business or personal needs.

That’s all for today.

See you tomorrow 🙂



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