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You And I Hit A Century [A Voice Note Inside]

Yesterday, I published the 26th blog of the 30-day blog marathon and was awe-struck to see the number of blogs published. The number was 99.

And I was not prepared for a 100th post so will be going with the flow and continue being spontaneous – as I’ve been throughout the blog marathon.

This pretty image is designed by my illustrator friend

It just feels like yesterday when I published the first blog on this blog site.

You read all my blogs and that made the blogging complete. As I always say, readers, my make – if you wouldn’t have read the first one I wouldn’t have got the courage to write the second one.

It’s a cycle that you and I have together completed and shall continue it for life long.

Because reading is a never-ending event. And now that we’re a reader’s community, you and I will read books and blogs till eternity.

As you see this is the 100th blog post and I wish to add another zero to it. So, my dear reader’s community, pull up your socks for another reading spree.

I remember a comment on my 50th blog. Again it seems just like yesterday when this unknown person who preferred keeping his name as a secret commented the future of

And I think this trust is what gives me the power and courage to keep writing for you.

This is a milestone and I’m happy we made it till here. Blogging is a win-win situation for both the writer and the reader.

I share whatever I have with me through blogs, and you share your thoughts via the insightful comments.
In the process, you and I learn new things with every blog written.

Till date, I’ve written 95,523 words on this blog site. And you’ve consumed them as per your requirements. You clicked the heading you wanted to know about more and surpassed the rest. Because you value time. And that’s the reason I try and write on varied topics related to self-help, books and life.

Many of you suggested me to start recording my voice and do a podcast as reading is time-consuming and podcast is a thing now.

I do respect your opinions and have started practising on the same grounds. But let me tell you something – I’ll never stop writing and motivating you to read.

-Reading reduces stress
-Reading stimulates imagination
-Reading gives rise to new ideas
-and so many more advantages as I constantly preach in all my blogs.

Today’s blog is special and so I attempted to record my voice as a token of gratitude for all the love and support you’ve been showering upon me through your beautiful comments and blogs.

Please understand I’m still practising 😉

Thank you once again and now I shall take your leave.


P.S. This is the 27th blog, more 3 to go. Stay tuned 🙂 Subscribe to get the blog right into your email inbox.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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8 thoughts on “You And I Hit A Century [A Voice Note Inside]

  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog…..
    Those are 100 pieces towards self development and self care one needs to adapt for a happier life….
    We thank you for all the efforts you put in for us to put up quality content which we can easily relate to.
    Keep writing. Keep inspiring 👍👍

  2. Great congoooo!!! Keep it up dear….
    Thank you for making me a Reader..
    Specially for ur blogs😜❤
    क्योंकि तुम ही हो
    क्योंकि तुम ही हो
    मेरी bloggyyy तुम ही हो❤😄😄

  3. Milestone Indeed! Congrats Shraddha on your 100th blog. May be it’s a coincidence, but just today Morning I was talking about you with my colleagues who were using Kindle. As I stated ‘my Friend’ has a book published over it and insisted them to read it. They were amazed to know (or may be thinking how could you still be my friend 😂).
    And here comes the comment that might delight you when one of them said “I really like the people who dare to chase their passion. That’s real stuff”.
    So, indeed the perimeter of my pride in you is increasing day by day! All the best and thanks for showering all the great content each day!!! 😊

  4. Congratulations Shraddha Rane!!! Keep it going :).This feat may look tiny but see where it has brought you! Wishing you good luck.

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