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Why You Should Forgive – Especially When You Don’t Receive An Apology!

The other day, one of my friends asked me on Instagram, ”How can we just forgive someone for the wrong he’s done?”

She sounded agitated and I felt she was deeply hurt by someone. I restricted myself from falling into a conversation with her then.

But now I know it’s high time I answer this question – Why you should forgive.

It’s important to forgive someone who had once hurt you. If you nestle the attitude of “Why should I forgive?”, you’ll end up being unhappy.

Here’s what happens to you when you restrict yourself from forgiving someone.

– You complex things in your mind inviting mental stress
– You start to keep grudges
– You end up being the restless one
– You disturb your peace of mind

Do you see what’s happening here? It’s all going in the wrong direction. And who is getting affected by all the consequences?

It’s YOU.

Amidst the hurting and grudges, you are the one who’s suffering. The one who’s the root cause is completely unaware of your plight and ignorant to your sufferings.

Even though you do not receive an apology or a mere sorry, you must forgive him/her for whatever wrong he/she did to you.

By doing this you’ll be helping yourself from falling into an unpleasant situation.

Be it at your workplace or a good friend of yours, learn to forgive them without waiting for their apology or self-realisation.

It is needless for people to know that you’ve forgiven them. Because forgiveness is more for you than for the other person.

Why do you find it so hard to forgive someone?

– You think the person should be taught a lesson for hurting you
– You’re too egoistic to forgive
– You may be boiling with anger and may have no self-control
– You may be scared of things getting worsen and you’re hurt again
– You may be too sceptical or lack trust to explain the things to the person.

Well, all this is going to drain you out and leave you restless for a long time or may be life time.

Hence, I’d advise you forgive – especially when you do not receive an apology.

Why you should forgive?

– Forgive to regain your peace of mind
– To heal your body, mind and spirit
– To help you persist in the same environment despite what has happened

Whom should you forgive?

– Forgive a neighbour for a taunt he threw on you the other day.
– A colleague for the comment he/she passed on you that hurt you.
– A relative for the criticism he/she created around you.
– Forgive your mother-in-law for scolding you about the undone work
– The lady on the train who stamped on your feet
– Your best friend for hiding an important event from his/her life.
– The pin-pointers who’re always around you
– Your boss for being an unkind person on a particular day.
– Forgive your teachers for insulting you in front of the entire classroom
– Last but not the least forgive each one who once hurt you and did not turn back to say “I’m sorry”.

On the contrary, try to see the good qualities in them. Assume that their motives were not to cause you pain. Understand their state of mind at the time they said those painful words.

And you may then find it easier to forgive.

Also, forgiveness is not forgetting. It is remembering the person or the incident without anger.

Once you forgive someone for the pain he/she has caused you’ll be free. You’ll probably thank the lord for reminding you about the importance of forgiveness.

So, are you ready to forgive that one person whom you’ve been keeping grudges for the longest time?

Try this secret to a peaceful living and let me know in the comment section below how did you feel post the forgiveness.

See you tomorrow 🙂

Good night, sleep peacefully.


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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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