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How To Brighten Your Day | 12 Simple Ways [Day 3]

I’ve almost stopped talking to friends and family over calls. Reasons being the pathetic mobile networks, my blogs and the Goodreads challenge of 2019 (I’m far behind but I’m determined to read more and more).

Today morning, one of my friends called me when I was only 5 minutes away from the office. He complained about how I’ve been busy in my Blog Marathon and why I didn’t call him on his birthday.

The guilt was building in right from the time I saw his name blinking on the mobile’s screen. I was scared of his ranting as I was genuinely at fault. I should have called him to wish on his birthday – the most important day of ones life which comes only once in a year.

But somehow, maybe because I was completely drowned in writing or reading that (by the way the great actor Rajnikanth and my friend share the same birth date) I just messaged him and got back to whatever I was been occupied with.

I thought the call would turn into a fight. But to my amusement, we were laughing and giggling on the phone. He said, “It’s Okay. I know you’re on a blog Marathon” (I can’t thank him more for this).

At that moment I felt so relaxed. We may not meet as often as I would like to, but we always pick up from where we’ve left.

That sensible, witty, humorous friend of mine brightened my morning. That’s not the only reason though. To know the second reason keep reading.

Now I’d want to share with you the art of making your mornings happy that I’ve been learning for the past year. I’m yet to master it. But some of my habits may help you brighten your day.

1. Workout

Let me admit, I’ve never been into sports or any physical training ever. It was my father who pestered me every single day how important it is to stay fit.

But I was too lazy to pay heed to his pushing. Nevertheless, I was aware of what he was trying to convey and at once I was enlightened that as much as my blog is important to me so is my body.

And without banging the drums and bells I started waking up early in the morning to go for a walk (for starters). The results are unbelievable. I feel more energetic and happy for the entire day.

And this was the second reason(as mentioned before) that brightened my today, and the primary reason every day.

2.Wake up early

If you don’t want to rush to your workplace to catch that train or office commute of yours then you have to wake up early.

Getting late to the office can ruin your day. You may feel bad about how you are the not-so-punctual person.

So, to brighten your day and make the most of it you need to start your day early.

3.Talk to your family members

Early in the morning, when the sun is just rising, my parents talk to each other like they’ve never talked in ages. You’d be surprised as I would always be. But that’s true.

I never understood how do they got that energy or the motivation to discuss politics, family affairs, etc. right up in the morning.

It’s been almost a year since I shifted back from Pune with them, and now I know what it is to have a family around.

And only now I know what makes them talk to each other. I’ve discovered their secret.

Talking to your family members in the morning creates a perfect atmosphere to start with your day. No matter what happens in the rest of the day, you’re happy you had a great start to it.

Like my parents, now even I feel like talking to them early in the morning. And if it comes to cracking a joke then it’s a bonus.

4.Avoid the negatives

Yesterday, I wrote this post on my Instagram. Many of you kept it on their stories and some of you wrote back to me saying thank you.

Yes, it is very important to avoid the negatives. You need to be careful before indulging into something negative in the mornings.


This is so far the best thing you can do to brighten your day and sometimes of the people around you also.

It’s my personal experience that whenever I leave home with a grumpy face I end up ruining my day.

But a smile works like wonders. It’s that magic wand that you move and brighten your mornings.

6.Notice people around you

When you travel to your workplace don’t be the lonesome person to travel with. Notice people around you. They’re humans like you are.


Exchange a few positive gestures, a smile or a small talk.
You never know which conversation may hit and brighten your morning.

7.Tick-off the previous days to-do-list

By doing this you feel proud of yourself for having finished with the planned work.

Above all the fancy and tech-savvy mobile apps I prefer a handwritten to-do-list. If you don’t know why it is important to maintain a handwritten to-do-list, do read my article guest posted on another site. Click here.


The introspective session can be a great way to brighten your morning.

All you have to do is spare 5 minutes from your morning time, sit and write down the good things you did the previous day. Or simply write why you’re proud of yourself.

This activity works wonders.

9.Help people go first

You and I know that everyone in this world is busy. And in the busiest of the schedules, we all tend to fall into unwanted quarrels sometimes knowingly and sometimes by accident.

If you’re walking on the road and someone is running and pushing and struggling to overtake you, allow them to do that.

If you’re boarding a train, (and if you don’t want to ruin your day) allow the crowd to climb first. The train is not running away (unless you have a judgement of it’s halt time), it’ll wait.

10.Take good sleep in the night (instead of binge-watching web series)

If your night wasn’t good, your morning is certainly not going to be a bright one.

Take a good 6 to 7 hours of sleep and wake up fresh to conquer a new day.

Netflix isn’t as important as your body is. Decide what your priority is.

11.Have your breakfast

The most important thing is breaking that 12 hours fast that your stomach is on, for the entire night.

Well, that’s why the meal is called breakfast.

Your stomach, you happy.


Last but not the least, read a book or a blog ( as you’re doing now ).

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I know you’re waiting to brighten your day. So, why not start from tomorrow itself?

Pick one or all of the above ways to brighten your day and feel the difference.

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See you tomorrow 🙂



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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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