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8 Life-Changing Books That’ll Shape Your Thinking


I’ve been waiting to blog about these 7 life-changing books that I’ve read, and I think you should also read them before you die.

Yes, I mean it.

A few days ago, our HR had asked me to suggest some books which they could showcase in an already fixed pretty wooden structure on one of the walls.

Very smartly, I suggested her a few books that I’ve read and a few that are in my wish list. So that I could read them in the lunch break, in office.

When the books arrived, my boss asked everybody, “So, are we going to read them or just see them on the shelf collecting dust?”

On that one guy answered, “Sir, I’ve never touched books in my life except for the school and college textbooks,” and he laughed.

And our Sir had an interesting say on that. He said, “This isn’t a thing to be proud of, ok?”

I don’t know if he understood what Sir meant. But I was happy from within that I’ve got into the habit of reading.

Read this blog to know the advantages of reading – 3 astonishing and never read before the advantages of reading books. 

So, guys, that’s the reason I want all of you to actually go and buy these books or at least one of them (for starters) and see your life changing for yourself.

1. Who moved my cheese By Dr. Spencer Johnson

This book has changed my life to a great extent. No matter you’re at which point in your life, you ought to read to his book.

It’s an epitome to the proverb – “No person ever reads the same book.”

Yes. You’ll find Who Moved My cheese different than what I understood it.

In other words, your cheese will be different than mine. And I bet you that you’d come and thank me for having suggested this book.

I’ve written a blog on the 9 quotes from who moved my cheese for an effective change. Do read.

2. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari By Robin Sharma

This is a sheer, self-help book to live a content life. It’ll change your life and give you a crystal clear picture of life.

I read this one just a couple of months back and repented not to have read it before. It’s a wonderfully crafted fable. It tells an extraordinary story of a lawyer and his life-changing odyssey.

You should read it at least once in a lifetime and do not delay as I did. I’ve written a blog already on 37 Famous Quotes From The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari 

Read it and just grab the book from the below link. That’s the beauty of Amazon. You can buy a book in the comfort of your couch.

3.Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is a #1 New York Times Bestseller. It’s about what the rich teach their kids about money and that what the poor and middle class do not.

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book about how to build assets and become rich, and it’s narrated in a story form. Nowhere in the book will you find any kind of bragging about being rich.

Now that you’re an adult (or entering your adulthood) you’ll need to start investing your money, isn’t it? So, this book is a complete guide for you if you want to make smart moves and evolve rich.

The diagrams and examples mentioned by the author are lovely and straightforward.

Click the link below and buy it today to become a rich man tomorrow.

Rich Dad Poor Dad.

4. Life is What You Make it By Preeti Shenoy

This one’s an inspirational novel. It’s a tale of a girl named Ankita and her life struggles. The story forces you to believe that life is undoubtedly what one makes it.

Having this book in your house in front of you everyday is in itself a daily motivation. Just read the title of the book, and you’ve made a great start to the day.

I bought this book many years back at only 60 bucks. And today, I  feel each penny is all worth it. The author has recently published a sequel of this book – Wake Up! Life is Calling!

Both are in the Neilson HT’s top 10 list. Grab your copies now using the below links.

5. Message in a Bottle By Nicholas Sparks

It’s a multi-million-copy international bestseller. Again, a novel that’ll change your thoughts about love and life.

The story has an unheard concept of the message in a bottle. You’ll be fantasized to read the letters in all the bottles just as I was when I read this book.

And this poignant love story will have you weeping for the joy and tragedy of it all.

If you’re in love with someone or happily married to someone, this book is a must-read.

6.Think & Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

The very first chapter in this book says – THOUGHTS ARE THINGS. Oh Boy! Did you just read that?

Yes my dear, the things you think of actually are bound to happen. Today, if you wish to have something and you think about it with definiteness of purpose, persistence and have a burning desire for it, you’re bound to have it.

I’ve highlighted around a hundred lines with a pink highlighter in the book that I own. They’re all worth reading and then applying in actual life.

Think and Grow rich will teach you the secret of success that other great men like the author have adapted to. It will show you not only WHAT TO DO but HOW TO DO IT.

7. Unposted Letter By Mahatria Ra

This book is very close to my heart. I have a hardcover copy of this one. It’s a beautiful one with a few glossy papers inside.

We (two of my friends and I) bought this book when we were in college. Back then, we had very little money with us, so we had contributed the amount amongst the three of us and bought this book for 280 bucks.

It was decided that the book would rotate among us based on the circumstances the person would be facing at that point in life.

When I went to Pune, the book was handed over to me and is still with me. I know I’m being selfish by keeping it with me, but to be very frank, it’s difficult to give it away.

You turn any page of it and you’ll end up smiling after you read it. It’s the best book that I have on my shelf.  (Girls, sorry but I can’t part with it now. You better buy a new book for yourselves)

Unposted Letters

8. The Secret By Rhonda Byrne

I felt the change in myself after reading half the book. Yes. I didn’t complete the book. Because it gets repetitive after every 20 pages.

But the message Rhonda has to convey is beautiful. The whole book revolves around a single thought of the law of attraction. Now what that is you’ll know only when you read it.

I had got a chance to read the hardcover with glossy pages from a library. Today, I own an old copy of this book and only after I brought it home did I realize that it’s a torn one and contains the latter part of the book which I hadn’t read.

Probably, it’s a sign that I should finish the book.

Guys, I hope you’re going to hit the links and buy some of the books and evolve brighter than what you’re today.

Do let me know after reading which one you liked the most.  And if you have already read any of these let me know how it changed your life.

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