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6 Books I Read In January (2020)


It’s been a while since you and I became friends over this blog of mine. But it’s no longer my blog. It’s our blog.

As I always say, readers make writers, in that context, my blog becomes our blog.

I share all significant things happening in my life and the words of wisdom arising from my experiences and the books I read. On the same lines, I thought why not share all the books I read in the course of one month with you?

This activity would help both you and I. You’ll know all the books I read and pick one of the many and add it to your bookshelf.

Secondly, I’d keep myself motivated to complete my good reads challenge. I’ll be reading 100 books this year.

I’m thrilled to have decided this ambitious number. It’s difficult but not impossible. It’ll only keep me motivated to read more.

Well, I’m happy with my January reads. I read 6 books in the first month of 2020 which is a good number.

Here are the six books I read in January.

1. The Nameless Relationship (short story)

Amazon Kindle has this commendable initiative for both writers and readers to publish short stories on Kindle for free.

I’m sure most of you love reading crisp and short stories. I love reading them for they’re intense and flabbergasting.

One moment you’re reading something pleasant and you’ll never know what happens all a sudden in the next moment.
Preeti Shenoy’s short story, The Nameless Relationship was in the top 5 list of the Amazon Kindle Direct Publish program for the year 2019.

I’m impressed by her short story writing skill as much as I am with her Novels. Her lucid writing style keeps me stay hooked to the story until the end.

The Nameless Relationship is an intense and unconventional love story. Some of the best relationships that exist are nameless ones, and that’s the story all about.

It’s a 30-minute read. You can grab your copy from the Amazon Kindle App, and just start reading on your mobile phone or Kindle.

2. 5 Best Short Stories by Rabindranath Tagore

This one is again from the Amazon Kindle Direct Publish program. Though it was my first time to read Rabindranath Tagore’s work, I felt the connect almost quickly.

All the stories are hand-picked and compiled into this ebook including the award-winning short story – ‘Kabuliwala’. It is a very famous tale that is loved by many. It was written in the year 1892 by Rabindranath Tagore.

I loved it so much so that I read it thrice.

3. Seven Must-Read Nature Stories By Ruskin Bond

This book was a treat to my eyes and soul. I could visualise the beauty of nature that’s described by Bond in his simple yet blissful words.

I’m falling in love with nature, wildlife, and the characters that he gives birth to in his stories.

If you’re like me, you should go for this book. It’s again an ebook available on Kindle. Ruskin Bond has 120 book titles on his name. What an astounding number!

4. The Great Gatsby

This is one of the greatest American Novels of the 20th century written by Scott Fitzgerald. It has its place in the books below Rs. 100 for many years now.

I found it a little difficult to understand the narration as this one was the first classic novel that I read.

Yet I enjoyed reading this curious book that was both boisterous and tragic. You can find the book here.

5. The Story Of Nike

This one is a thin book written by Aaron Frisch and published by JAICO publisher. It’s a part of a series where other titles are like The story of Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc.

I had picked this book from an old library being shut down, in Pune.

It was a great read giving minute details of the #1 shoe and apparel company. Every business has it’s own ups and downs, and so did Nike.

Rising above the challenges is exactly what Phil Knight believed and showed us with his successful venture which he launched at the age of 24.

Reading the stories of these big businesses tells you what success is – it’s starting from nothing but a vision in your mind.

Grab your copy here. 

6. Eat That Frog: 21 Great Ways To Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done In Less Time.

This book I read in the first month of 2020 is the best thing that I’ve done to me. It’s the best book I read in January.

Eating that frog is basically doing the toughest job of the day first. The author, Brian Tracy, guides you through the 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time by simultaneously telling you to eat your biggest and ugliest frog first.

He also explains the 80/20 rule which helps you master your to-do-list, hence producing more in less time.

I have practised this principle of eating the frog and it really works wonders. That is why I highly recommend this book to you. Please grab your copy and follow the words of wisdom penned down in this book.

So, that was all about my January reads. Now I’ shall get back to my current read.

If you plan to buy any of the above books please use the links I’ve provided in the blog. Some of them are affiliate links. I would earn a small commission if you use my links. Don’t worry you won’t be charged an extra penny.

Thanks for your time.

Keep reading 🙂

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