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9 Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs That You Could Inculcate Too


Habits are a way of life. They help you build your personality and distinguish you as a person.

You must have read in newspaper columns wherein successful people write “how they start their day”. I personally love reading that column.

Do you wonder why do newspapers need such a column?

Monkey see monkey do. People see people do.

You’re curious what successful people like entrepreneurs, actors, authors, now Youtubers, do in their day to day life. How they start their day, what habits they have instilled in their lives to reach the position where they are.

An entrepreneur needs to be on his toes at any time of the day. But that does not mean he/she disrespects his principles or habits which are the foundation of his/her success. 

The world’s most successful businesses are run by such witty entrepreneurs. They harbor the right habits to ensure their longevity in the marketplace.

Here are 9 habits of entrepreneurs that help them achieve success and power in the unsteady market.

1. Stays hungry foolish

An entrepreneur is bound to be updated on a daily basis to maintain his position in the competition. Prior to inculcating any other habit, he who is an entrepreneur has this instinct within him.

He is always eager to learn new things. He’s all ears about the latest model of mobile out there.

He grabs information even from a child about the functionality of the handset. Staying foolish and not letting his ego peep out, is the essential habit of an entrepreneur.

If he/she isn’t updated, he/she can become extinct. This thought keeps an entrepreneur follows the concept of Stay hungry and stay foolish.

2. An entrepreneur reads religiously

A brilliant idea in business has many a time made its way through reading. You must have seldom seen an entrepreneur who is not a reader.

He who reads, flourishes. An entrepreneur will always carry a book along with him on his business trip. The words motivate him/her to deliver great speeches or inspire him/her to do their best at client meetings.

If you’ve listened to business tycoons speak at a conference, you’d know the kind of examples that they give in their talks. Reading books make an entrepreneur a great orator.

Few businesses run on word of mouth. An entrepreneur who communicates with a variety of people in day to day life is backed by his reading.

3. Meditates

An entrepreneur meets and interacts with loads of people every day. Dealing with each one is a task in itself.

To keep the mental balance intact, one needs to practice meditation daily. Every entrepreneur running a million dollar business starts his day with meditation.

Patience is the essential quality of a man. And he who does business ought to be patient.

Sir Isaac Newton says, “If I have done the public any service, it is due to patient thought.”

In the hectic and tiring schedule, meditation keeps you calm and patient throughout. And businesses are then executed with a fresh mind.

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4. An entrepreneur goes on a vacation

An entrepreneur creates wealth every passing day. Wealth is having enough money and enough time to do what you want and when you want.

Considering the freedom of doing what he wants, an entrepreneur makes it a point to go on a vacation with friends and family.

This refreshes him/her and energizes to work with double the enthusiasm.

5. Is Punctual

Time is money. An entrepreneur invests his time to create wealth. He who does not respect time can never do business efficiently.

Effective time management is one of the best habits an entrepreneur should possess. How you use your time says a lot about your success.

Most entrepreneurs follow a timetable and make sure they strictly stick to it.

6. Has a healthy diet

We all know a healthy diet leads to a healthy life and that health is wealth. Keeping this phenomenon in mind he who does business is confined to a healthy diet.

Working rigorously for long hours may take a toll of one’s health. Hence a strict diet becomes mandatory.

7. Works out the extra flab

Despite business tours and packed schedules, an entrepreneur does not compromise on his/her workout. Looking smart and tall is the hour’s need.

Making excuses doesn’t help when it is about building your own personality. Entrepreneurs are either indulged in their favorite sport or merely early morning jogging.

This pumps up energy, he/she needs to keep excelling throughout the day.

8.Maintains Journal

Most of the entrepreneurs believe in jotting down notes or points in a notebook/journal. Writing has proven beneficial in numerous ways.

Writing is crucial when it comes to subsiding emotional reactivity. Putting pen-to-paper unwinds stress caused by social media and electronic devices.

Highly effective entrepreneurs value the process of writing because it brings them closer to reality and self-analysis.

I have already written a dedicated blog on journal writing. Click here to know the importance of maintaining a journal and then how to practice it. 

9. Stays motivated

Considering the challenges and difficulties involved in building a unique business, it’s essential to stay inspired. An entrepreneur keeps reading blog posts, listens to TED talks to keep himself motivated every single day.

There are ups and downs in every business.  Finding the source of inspiration and seeking it out every single morning is an inevitable habit an entrepreneur ought to have.

Aren’t you willing to follow these 9 effective habits of the successful people? Then what are you waiting for, go ahead and pick up one habit every day and note down the significant change you see in yourself daily. 

If at all you get stressed out in the process, download this guide to a stress-free living. 

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