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7 Life-Boosting Benefits Of Meditation And Yoga


When you’re striving for your own self, the benefits of yoga and meditation come the picture. I’m sharing this piece of information from personal experience. Continue reading if you wish to follow an idealistic yet fun life.

If you are in the age group of 21 to 30 or even 30 to 50, you’d be running all day long to build your career. Each day would be like a war field for you.

Where you are the armed jawan and your work or passion you are chasing is the opponent army.

The only difference is, your chase is beneficial for you alone and not anyone else.

When the chase begins, you are focused on your goal. No matter what the circumstances are, you need to accomplish your target at once.

Nevertheless, the goal is a long term or short term, the pressure is of similar intensity every passing day.

In this rat race, many of you unwittingly sideline your own self – the body. Your body is the most precious thing you have. Your first and foremost responsibility should be your body because if it weren’t the body, you’d be extinct.

You need to be fit inside out for a happy life, don’t you think so? For complete cleansing of the body, meditation is a superior kind of exercise one should practice daily. Here are some key benefits of Yoga and meditation you must know.

If you love yourself and want to live a content life you’d keep reading.

1. Meditation provides 50% more oxygen

We human beings breathe approximately 16 to 17 times per minute. In every normal breathe the amount of oxygen you inhale is around 20 to 30 per cent which is very less.

Let me tell you a fact of deep breathing. The deeper you breathe, the more oxygen you inhale. Deep breath leads in boosting the oxygen intake straight by 50%.

Suppose we inhale 20% of oxygen in normal breathing, with deep breathe the oxygen intake increases to 40%.

The deep breathing involved in meditation is the primary benefit you get from practicing it.

2.Helps lower the anger levels

While meditating, we sit in a state called “Yoga Mudra.” Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning a sign. Sitting in Yog Mudra is symbolic.

The index finger (Tarjani in Sanskrit) symbolizes air, and the thumb (Angushtha in Sanskrit) is for fire.

To do this mudra, we press our thumb with the index finger. According to the certified Yogis of Patanjali Yoga centers, this symbolizes the union of fire and air. Also, it helps us cool down the light that is boiling within us.

Whenever you’re restless or angry, sit back and meditate in this mudra for 10 minutes. You’ll be thankful to yourself after this 5 to 10 minutes gift that you give yourself.

This is perhaps the most used mudra out of the 7 Yog Mudras.

3. Meditation strengthens memory

The power of meditation has an internal effect on every part of our body. Psychiatry research reported that the medical study says meditation can actually transform our brains.

The meditation performed by closing your ears with your fingers and making a hum-sound enhances memorizing ability, especially in children. The humming sound vibrates the brain and helps it to function more efficiently.

4.Reduces stress

Joan Borysenko, Ph.D., (is a writer, licensed psychologist, a renowned inspirational speaker, a journalist, and a television personality) says, Every day brings a choice to us: to practice stress or to practice peace.

If you choose peace, you’d definitely end up practicing meditation early in the morning. Stress reduction(For a detailed explanation read my free ebook on stress management) is one of the most common reasons why people move towards meditation and Yoga.

One study found that mindfulness meditation significantly reduces stress when practiced for over three months. Another study revealed that meditation actually reduces the density of brain tissue which is associated with anxiety and worrying.

5. Meditation improves relationships

‘‘Knowing that the other person is angry,

one who remains mindful and calm

acts for his own best interest

and for the other’s interest, too.’’

-Buddhist Scripture

If you want to strengthen your relationships, meditation has proved to be a boon to relate to others. It helps you think through things.

Meditation helps you to emphasize the more comprehensive picture. And you automatically ignore the grumpy side of a relationship.

You move close to the positives and walk away from the negatives of a relationship. Also, meditating benefits you to think before you utter anything. This helps in demotivating the fights or quarrels you may have in a relationship.

So, would you like to accompany your spouse in meditating off the stress?

6. Meditation and yoga help you sleep better.

Meditation practice helps the body to relax. It calms down all the sensory organs and helps promote sleep.

Harvard Medical School suggests that one should focus on the phrase “breathe in calm, breathe out tension,” which helps boost the sleep instinct.

7. Yoga leads to a toned body.

He who does Yoga is fit and fine inside out. You’d yourself find the difference between a person going to the gym and a person practicing yoga.

The latter group is self-evolved, confident, calm and content.

Suryanamaskar is the best form of exercise for each and every part of the body. 10 Suryanamaskar a day helps you stay fresh and active throughout the day.

If you wish you start meditating upon knowing these 6 significant benefits, then start today. You needn’t buy a yoga mat, you can sit on a couch and perform deep breathing.

You needn’t spend hours doing meditation, just small sessions can do the wonders. You needn’t dress up to do meditation. You can meditate in your own comfortable clothes.

Meditation is the cheapest form of attaining peace from within. You needn’t attend any kind of counseling if you’ve been practicing meditation.

So let’s not wait for another tomorrow and get started off with the most adapted kind of mental exercise which is followed by the entire world out there.

Experience the above benefits of meditation and indulge in the art of living.

If you like reading the article, share it with your friends to show your support. Also, let me know what magic does meditation and yoga have in your life by replying to this email. I make sure to respond to all the emails I receive.

P.S. Practice Suryanamaskar only on a Yoga mat to prevent accidental injuries.

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    By reading this blog itself I felt as if I am medidating. Very thought provoking blog 🙂

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