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Why We Love The Way We Do. Day 7.


Why we love the way we do is my 31st book of 2019. Finished reading this one today. Yes, besides my ongoing blog marathon I read every single day.

2019 has been a wonderful a year for reading. I’ve read a lot more when compared to all the other years.

As I always say, investing in books is the best thing you can ever do.

So, coming back to this book – Why we love the way we do by Preeti Shenoy ( by now you know she’s my favourite author and how much I follow her ), let me tell you that I’ve been reading this book for the longest time now.

I read it in bits and pieces and loved every bit of it.

The reason being that, unlike her other books which are page-turners, this one is a compilation of essays, you can munch on it for as long as you want and come back to it anytime you want and turn to any page you wish to read.

When it comes to relationships, we all ponder on various questions like – Is our love for someone immortal? Or Why proposals are always on bended knees? Or How tinder changed valentine? Or What to do when you are friend-zoned?

You ask any question related to relationships and she has answered them all for you in this book of hers.

I’ve savoured reading every chapter of this book and though it’s written in 2015, it makes sense today and it’ll make complete sense forever.

Why we love the way we do is a question we’ve rarely asked ourselves. And have taken ourselves and our partners for granted forever now.

After reading this book, you’ll be able to relate to one or many chapters and get along well with what the author has to say.

In her trademark coherent style, Preeti Shenoy makes this an insightful, humorous and a book full of retable examples every couple would agree to.

And that’s what makes her the country’s highest-selling woman writer.

I had bought this book years ago from the roadside vendor. Unfortunately, I got the pirated copy. Back then I was not aware of the fact that piracy is for books too like it was for CDs and DVDs.

As Preeti Shenoy says, never buy a pirated copy because none of the money goes to the writer or the publisher.

Ever since then, I haven’t bought a pirated book.

If you wish to read this wonderful book to help you understand your relationships, marriages, break-ups, sex, etc. in a much insightful and straightforward way, get it right away.

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See you with a new post tomorrow.
And keep reading new books 🙂


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