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Reunion. Day 6.

Reunion is a trip to nostalgia.

I remember we sitting on the same bench for our three years of Diploma. Today, seeing her on the stage beside her groom-to-be, I was all nostalgic.

It just felt like yesterday, when she solved the math problems like a pro and I admired her talent like the amateur I was at it.

When she exchanged the ring with her groom-to-be, I felt the happiness she was surrounded with. She smiled and her eyes brightened. And I could not move my eyes off her.

She looked pretty – my bench partner, my best friend.

My friends and I have been waiting for her engagement as it was on these important occasions that our reunions happen. It all starts from creating a separate Whatsapp group (excluding the one who’s getting engaged) to discuss how and when we’ll be meeting.

And that’s when the excitement kicks off. Waking up early, calling everyone, screaming on top of our voices if someone is late and slowing drifting into the good old days.

Though we’re not in constant contact with each other, we catch up from where we had left. That’s the beauty of friendship.

It is like even if we meet 10 years from now( along with our kids ) we’ll be the same old crazy bunch of friends. Today, when one of our friends got engaged, it felt we’ve become a big family now. We know, no matter what these people will be there just around in our good and bad times.

We were together only for three years of our Diploma, but it felt like a whole big life. While we ate food at the engagement, I remembered how we sat together and had our lunch on the benches. Everything was same, the same laughing faces, the same old topics to munch on, and the same connect, except for the benches. They were replaced by chairs.

We all cracked the lamest jokes possible and laughed our hearts out. I am someone who can giggle and guffaw about anything and everything and I loved living it all over again.

Today, in those mere three hours we had a beautiful reunion. Reunion of thoughts, of smiles and of being friends for the rest of our lives.

And after such a heartfelt reunion, saying bye was the toughest task of the day. It felt void as if I was leaving something behind. It took me a while to come to terms with the reality that the reunion was over. And that I had to come back to my world.

You can be yourself when you’re around your friends. There’s no one to judge you or bully you. It’s only love and fun. And I think that’s the wonderful gift you give and receive in a friendship.

“With mirth and laughter’s let old wrinkles come” – William Shakespeare.

This is all I had to say today πŸ™‚

As the wedding season is in full swing, have you attended your friend’s engagement or wedding recently? Do share with me how nostalgic did you get.

See you tomorrow πŸ™‚


P.S. I missed my bench-mate this time, as she was on the other side of the reunion (and the reason for our reunion).

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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10 thoughts on “Reunion. Day 6.

  1. As i read this…i understand that, soo much time has passed and we all have come a long way…
    That we leave so many people behind.
    Then there are these occassions where we find them again and want to hold on to them so tight….but at the end of the day…knowing that we can’t is a miserable truth.

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