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Why Deadlines Are Important And How To Meet Them


Lately, I’ve been working 14 to 16 hours every day (that includes my office works) to reach my goals. But, the other day I realized that this wasn’t just enough. I needed something else to keep me moving.

And that’s when I realized I needed to set a deadline for myself. Now when I actually have a deadline in my mind, I feel the difference in my attitude towards my goal.

It’s crucial to have deadlines set for yourself to help you achieve your goals. Be it long term or short term goal, deadlines play a vital role in fulfilling them.

And so, I thought I should be sharing the importance of deadlines and how you too can meet them with you.

1. Deadlines push you

Do remember how you stayed up late in the night to complete your school homework and college assignments? Why do you think you carried all the pressure on your head?

You thought about the consequences you’d have to face the next day. And this pressure set you on fire and helped you push through your tasks.

Sometimes you need that push to achieve your goals. That push is the deadline.

Now replace your assignments with your life goals. Weigh the necessary pressure on your back and get ready to achieve your goal.

2. Deadlines help you prioritize things

When you have a lot to do in life you’re ought to get confused and mess up things. In such a situation, prioritize the most significant goal, set a deadline, accomplish it and then go for the next goals likewise.

Here, the deadline will help you do one thing at a time and avoid the confusion and mess.

3. Clear deadlines lead to more revenues

Does your boss give you deadlines to complete a particular task? Have you ever thought why does he set deadlines for you?

Because he has set similar deadlines for himself also. Having clear deadlines leads your boss to more profits and make the most of you to help him grow his business.

Now imagine implementing the same strategy in your life. Wouldn’t it help you in your personal growth?

For instance, if you are thinking of taking up an online course or learn a new skill. But due to some circumstances, you are not able to even start working on it, let alone complete the task.

If you set yourself a deadline you’d probably have learnt a set of skills at the end of the year.

“Deadlines give us the sense that we are really on our way and that we will achieve the goal – soon!”
― John Patrick Hickey

4. Road-maps go hand in hand with deadlines

Having a deadline is not enough. You need to have a plan or a road-map ready that’ll lead you to your destination.

I blog every week and by Monday I know what I’ll be writing for my next blog. If I hadn’t prepared this road-map of myself I would never sit down and write a single word.

Everything that I had to say would have never come out in the form of blogs, hadn’t I set a deadline for myself. You would never have known what goes on in my head.

And we would have never formed this reader and blogger bond.

5.Brings in self-satisfaction

As a content writer, I have daily tasks to be completed in the office. I finish them off on the same day and leave the office with a relaxed mind.

As there’s no pending work for the day, I have the privilege of setting a deadline for personal work. So I come home and get ready for personal commitments.

In the entire process, I sleep with a sense of satisfaction despite all the fatigue and exertion.

Deadlines help you work harder towards achieving your goal and you automatically feel satisfied when you realize you’re not far away from your goal.

6. You reduce procrastination

Procrastinating important things take you away from your goal. And deadlines take you close to your goal. When you’ve imprinted the deadline in your mind you’ll naturally stop putting away important things.

Read more about procrastination –How to stop Procrastinating-5 Ways To Stop it at once

7.You step out of your comfort zone

When you don’t have a definite date in front of your eyes you tend to rest in your armchair. You’re certainly not serious about your goal when you’re in your comfort zone.

Having a deadline helps you step off your comfort zone and strive to fulfil your dreams.

8. You attain momentum

If your life has reached stagnancy, set deadlines for yourself. Life automatically gets it’s momentum back.

9.Teaches you discipline

I’ve grown up seeing my father’s disciplined routine. Every morning he sets goals for the day. He says, “Utilize your morning to plan your day and stick to the plan. When you do so you follow a disciplined pattern and become serious towards life.”

His teachings have helped me in the long run and so, like him, I also maintain a to-do-list.

I’ve guest posted a full-fledged blog on why I prefer a hand-written to-do-list over any technological device. Click here to read.

Now you may ask how do you meet the deadlines? Keep reading…

a.Set consequences and rewards

Do you remember your school teacher giving you stars in your notebook for completing your homework? They were the rewards you got for not procrastinating and showing your sincerity in doing the homework.

Punishments were the consequences you faced if you didn’t complete your work on time.

Similarly, set consequences and rewards for yourself to push you to your destination.

For instance, if you meet your deadline promise yourself a shopping treat or a gift that you’ve longed to have for a long time. And if you miss your deadline you’ll be keeping yourself away from the thing you enjoy the most.

b.Think through all the steps and challenges involved.

Don’t think of the ‘best case scenario’ when you create deadlines. Think through all the steps and challenges involved in the long run.

This will help you create realistic deadlines. Chalk out the plan, give yourself a buffer time and save yourself from setting unrealistic dates.

c.Publish your deadlines and updates on social media

Let people know your goals – be it losing weight or following a daily routine.

Put up stories on your social media accounts and update your progress to your followers. This will encourage you to overcome all the challenges coming your way.

d.Save the date as mobile phone’s wallpaper

When you see the date now and then you’d realize that it’s nearing and you have less time in your hands.
By saving the date as your mobile phone’s wallpaper you’ll see the date at least 50 times every day. This will speed up the actions you need to take to reach your destination.

e.Sacrifice on timely happiness to see the bigger picture

If the festivals are round the corner but you’re keen and focused on your goal you ought to choose one. Either you want to enjoy the events or sacrifice and keep working on your goals.

Remember the days when you skipped that Garba night for the examination you had to write the next day. Sacrifice is the base of success.

If you want to see the bigger picture you cannot stick to the small happy moments. You need to let them go.

So, are you ready for the bigger moments in life?

Let me know by commenting below and share if you like this blog. I’ll be glad to know your views on ‘deadlines.’

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