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Why And How You Should Take The Big Leap

It seems it’s been ages since I’ve talked to you. To give you a brief of my last weekend’s activity – I published my short story on Amazon Kindle. The cover page, editing, formatting ate up my entire weekend, and I couldn’t complete my weekend ritual.

Alas! Can skipping a weekend make such a difference? Well, it does to me. The bond between the blogger and the reader is such that if I don’t write to you, it seems something is missing.

Blogging has always been closet to my heart, and I don’t think I can keep myself away from it. Though a couple of days ago I’ve set a deadline for myself – for completing the manuscript of my first book, I don’t think pausing my weekend ritual would help me in any way. Instead, it would torture me for not having conversed with you, my dear reader.

Skipping a weekend tends to a lengthy introduction right? Well, but let’s come to the topic for today without any further ado.

Why you should take the big leap – this thought has come to my mind while I was pooping. Yes. A significant chunk of all my blog ideas come to me either while I have a bath or poop.

Tell me, how many times do you think to act upon a particular thing you’ve had had on your mind for ages? While you think about the answer, let’s dive into my explanation of why should you take the big leap.

1. You learn in the whole process

When you decide to go for something, whether it is a course, a new job, a competitive examination, you don’t get success on the first day itself.

There goes a lot of hard work into making it a success. You go through numerous ups and downs in your everyday life.

Similarly, when you take the big leap (many times bearing the criticism from the society) wouldn’t the good and bad times double? Instead, every single day would be a roller coaster ride for you.

You’ll fall a hell lot of times, but you’ll rise the equal number of times. In the whole process, you’d either grow a little higher or you’ll learn a little more.

Taking that big leap shouldn’t come with a baggage of – what will people say, rather everything should be about you.
The sheer joy lies in the journey more than the destination. Enjoy the process; the target won’t seem too hard to conquer.

2. Each day is a bundle of opportunities.

When you think to take the big leap, you’d probably keep thinking forever. Instead, why not embrace the day and the opportunities coming along?

Unless you don’t decide to discipline yourself and prepare a path for yourself, your destination will seem impossible to you.

When you take the big leap, every single day counts. You cannot afford to waste a single day. Come what may you got to seize the day and make the best out of it.

All the hard work you put into a single day adds up and takes you nearer to your destination.

3.Have a purpose of rising and shining

Without a goal in life, it’s tough for you to define a path for yourself. Sit back and contemplate on your life events. I’ve set a goal for myself. But whenever I feel I’m moving away from it, I read it out loud and come back on track. Click here to read. 

Once you have a goal, you’d automatically get to the definite path and ultimately find the purpose of your living. And hence, the use of rising every morning.

4. Take those small steps for a big leap

If you take the big leap suddenly without preparing yourself for it, you’re bound to hit the wall. Before you make your mind to fly, you first need to make proper provisions to avoid the unnecessary crashes.

First, take those baby steps, gain enough knowledge on whatever you tend to do, go beyond your internal limits, release your old fears, learn a new set of skills and addict yourself to good habits that’ll drive you close to your destination and then you’re ready to take that big leap.

5. Take the big leap not to regret later

It is upto you to decide whether you want to reach that height or sit back and chant the most discouraging line, “If I could…”

If you don’t take that big leap, how will you even know what it is like to be there?

If you want to experience the best and not regret later, you ought to take the big leap.

6. Keep your focus of the Bird’s eye

Guru Drona delightedly commanded Arjuna to shoot when he said, “I see the eye of the bird.” Likewise, you only need to see the bird’s eye and try not to get distracted by other miscellaneous activities.

For instance, I’ve taken Goodreads challenge of reading 52 books in 2019. I’m 29 books away from completing the challenge. There are so many exciting web series coming up, so much more to get distracted by, but my focus hasn’t moved.

Around 6 of my followers and friends have suggested me to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S, but that would profoundly affect my Goodreads challenge. So I decided against it. F.R.I.E.N.D.S can wait; my goal can’t. I do respect their recommendation, and it’s on my future to-do-list.

7. You understand where you stand

If you don’t take the big leap, you’d never comprehend as to where you stand in the long run. You’ll never know how much more you need to work to reach your goal. You’ll probably keep beating around the bush rather than taking the appropriate actions.

Know your worth by firstly going for what you’ve always longed to do.

8. Be humble

The big leap shouldn’t be an i-want-to-prove-to-the-world kind of feeling. Rather your attitude should be generous and benevolent.

Place a smile of gratitude and fellow feeling on your face wherever you go. Carry your charm along and make the world a happy place to live in.

Also, be happy with yourself first rather than expecting people to be happy with you.

Found this on the internet today and I loved it.

9. Don’t quit before the magic happens

Sometimes people leave in the middle of the journey. But what if the destination was only a few steps far? Wouldn’t that be a significant loss?

Well, if you think of quitting in the half-way, you’ll be missing the real magic.

I took that big leap and published my short story on Amazon Kindle. I enjoyed the entire process of writing, editing, and the immense learning that followed.

If you like reading short stories, go for it. It’s free for kindle unlimited subscribers.

Hope you liked this blog, if so please share your thoughts on the same. Share because – Sharing is Caring!
And it’s free too.

Sharing is caring!

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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8 thoughts on “Why And How You Should Take The Big Leap

  1. Good one shraddhu…go for the high jump..all the best…and you can we trust..
    Every human being shud go for such leap of their fond, to experience the thrill.. Whatever may hpn good – bad you gets ready to face all the problems in life..😘😘
    एक नई सोच!! To the readers

  2. Nice Ms Rane…. It is really motivating story for people who distracts from the goal….Keep it up….would like to read your book which you have mentioned earlier in this post….

  3. Once again congratulations dear Shraddha. This is one more step towards your big leap. Really proud of you. Keep it up dear.

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