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Why Is It Important To Leave An Honest Review On Amazon

Hey there, when was the last time you bought something from Amazon? As we are locked up inside our houses and the delivery companies have opened up, I’m quite sure you’ve ordered something in the recent days.

But if I ask you when was the last time you left a review on Amazon, you’d hardly remember or have no answer at all, isn’t it?

As you already know I’ve written a book – Home Quarantined in the lockdown which is based on my real-life experience which tells you a lot about the coronavirus crisis.

I’m telling you this because over 150 people have read my book but if you look up on Amazon there are only 27 reviews. So, this got me thinking as to why there’s this huge gap. Why does the number of buyers/readers doesn’t equate with the number of reviewers?

Slowly, I started educating my readers on how to leave a review on Amazon once they’d read the book. (Thank you so much for your honest reviews ) Many of you have personally messaged me on WhatsApp or Instagram which is always welcomed, but honest reviews that you write on Amazon are important too.

In this knowledge sharing process, I learned new things about Amazon and how important honest reviews are for any seller or dealer or even a writer.

That’s what happens in the knowledge sharing process – we end up learning new things. Just like I learn new things from my readers!

Before going ahead with leaving an honest reviews on Amazon, let’s understand why we see so few reviews on Amazon as compared to the sales of the products. 

According to my analysis, there can be three main reasons –

1. People forget

2. People are lazy

3. People don’t have time

I’m striking off the possibility of people not able to write a review. Writing a review is as good as talking to someone about a movie you liked or disliked once you’re out of the cinema hall.

Figure out who you are from the above three reasons and now let’s dive into the why it is important to leave an honest review on Amazon.

1. It’s your right

When you buy something on Amazon you give away your hard-earned money to the dealer or the seller. Don’t you feel important to share your reviews about the product you buy for your usage?

Isn’t it your right to talk about how you feel about the product? Is it working good for you, did the product fulfil it’s purpose or was it delivered in the same condition as it was shown visually?

It’s definitely your right to give your feedback, honestly. And nobody can snatch away your right from you, not even Amazon.

2. Your review can help people make purchase decisions.

Before buying a new mobile phone you check out for video reviews on YouTube ( from top YouTubers ) and then compare the phones before finalising your purchase.

As much as their reviews matter to you, your review ( an honest one) can help someone decide whether to buy the product or not.

You’re a common man and the end-user. So, your review holds high value than any other paid (review) one.

3. It’s your ‘voice’ – raise it

A review is your voice and you ought to raise it. Write a review if you need to stop someone from buying that particular product or if you have an urge to recommend it to other people out there.

4. You put a wide smile on a face (author – in this case)

If you’re a regular reader to this blog, I’m sure you’ve read at least one book in your lifetime. If not, then TODAY is the best time to pick one.

In this lockdown, a lot of readers have shifted to e-books. As Amazon is the best place to buy a book online, you get a chance to talk about the book you’ve read to millions of readers out there.

Why miss a chance of talking about the book? Plus your review will benefit the authors to boost their and bring a beautiful smile on their face.

You’re always welcomed to leave a critic review too. Authors need to know the critical views of their readers too. You’re the reader and the boss. You have all rights to leave an honest review on Amazon.

Your Turn

Now that you’ve known the importance of writing reviews on Amazon, let’s come to the discrepancy of reviews on Amazon.

If you’re lazy or you forget things or you have no time, let me tell you it hardly takes 2 minutes to write and submit a review on Amazon.

When you’re spending hundreds and thousands of money on the products you buy online, wouldn’t you have 2 minutes to write about the product?

I’m sure you’ll have. And if you don’t know how to leave a review on Amazon, check out this quick video – Click here.

Next time when you read a book or buy a product online, do write a review, will you?

Also, read my book if you haven’t yet. It’s right there on Amazon. And you know what you need to do after reading the book.

Until next time,

See you! Take care & boost your immunity!

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