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The Earnest Tamilian Who Inspires ( Day 18 )

Today I’ll be narrating you a short story of a Tamilian. I’ve called him an earnest guy in the title because he completely deserves it.

Before I start, let me tell you that this blog is only about him. Today he’s the inspiration for all of us.

One day, my close friend shared the link to my blog in her Whatsapp story. And she does that often. It so happened that her cousin from Tamil Nadu read my blog.

He liked reading it and called my friend to convey the same. She wondered how did he read the blog written in English.

To her astonishment, he replied from the other end of the phone in Tamil, “I translated the blog into Tamil and then read it.”

In sheer excitement, my friend called me up to tell about this cousin of hers. I was too overwhelmed to react and was moved by the efforts he had put to read the blog.

This Tamilian lives in a small town in Tamil Nadu where the first language they speak is Tamil. And as he’s taken his education in Tamil, knowing English is dubious.

Nevertheless, he is such an earnest guy. He’s so determined to know things, to discover the world beyond the state boundaries and to learn new things.

As he started reading my blogs in Tamil, he found out that I have a book of mine on Kindle. Thereafter he called my friend ( his sister ) and asked her how to buy the book from Kindle. Did you see how curious is he?

They don’t make such people anymore, you see.

He did buy the book and translated it to Tamil and read it 🙂

You know who you are. I know you’re reading this blog.

I just want to say that you’re going to reach heights. The efforts you’re putting into yourself are commendable. You’ve been an inspiration to me.

The reason I’m writing this in today’s blog is to inspire everyone reading this blog right now.

After reading this I know you’ve pulled up your socks to work hard on your goals for 2020.

Laziness is not going to work for you in this New Year. You got to go that extra mile to reach your destinations. But in the long run, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

To live is to strive.

See you tomorrow with yet another inspirational blog.
Till then keep reading, keep motivating.


P.S. Thank you for all your replies. They give me the energy to write every day ( this was the 18th post of the Blog Marathon )

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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