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6 Best Things To Do In The Morning If You Don’t Want To Ruin Your Day


Do you know the things to do in the morning to make the right start of your day? Well, let’s take a small test of yours.

Did you snooze your alarm this morning or pick up a coffee mug first thing in the morning or check your email or social media?

If you’ve done any one or all of these then let me warn you, you’re terribly going wrong in starting your day.

If you don’t know how important it is to take care of early morning hours, then the warning bell has already gone.

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It’s never too late to repair your mistake. I’ve begun following things to do in the morning. So I thought of you should also benefit from it and make a good start of your day.

1.The snooze button is your enemy.

Snooze isn’t a new word that you’ve heard today. It’s the first word you see every morning, isn’t it? And you click on it to grab that 10 minutes pleasure sleep. Many of you would relate to this.

Those extra 10 minutes after the alarm goes seem relieving, don’t they?   But sleep experts say that hitting a snooze button is admitting defeat as your first action of the day.

Studies suggest that snoozing triggers the brain back into its sleep cycle. So, you might enter into a sleep cycle, but you’ll never finish that cycle. And not completing the cycle means you will wake up groggily rather than refreshed.

As a result, you keep yawning in the office and try to steal a coffee every now and then.

But no that you know the reason, say ‘No’ to the snooze button and wake up at the first ring itself and see the difference in your day.

2.Rise And Shine

After waking up in the morning, the last thing most of us want to do is turn on a bright light. But it’s essential to do that first. Turning on the lights and opening up the curtains boost our body’s alertness.

Sleep experts say that our body has an internal clock, which is sensitive to light. Staying in the dark after waking up in the morning can send a signal to your body that it’s still night time. This is likely to make you feel groggy.
So rise and shine as soon as you get out of your bed.

3.Don’t forget to hydrate.

Make sure you wake up in the morning and are grabbing a glass of water. You sleep for six to eight hours, and your body has been without water for long.

So, hydrate before starting your day. Apart from helping you wake up, drinking water also gets your metabolism moving in the right direction.
Make sure the water you drink is at room temperature because cold water can shock your system. Your and my parents and grandparents drink water from a metal vessel for a reason.

Drinking water from the metal vessel first thing helps detox the liver, prevent constipation, prevent UTIs, helps with weight loss, and boosts your immune system.

So, let’s obey our ancestors once and for all.

4.Social media and emails can wait

Irrespective of how much you love your mobile phone, try to leave it out of the bedroom when you hit the hay. If you rely on your phone for the morning alarm, buy an alarm clock, instead.

Because once you unlock your phone, you’re tempted or your thumb automatically goes to turn on the Wifi or mobiles data and check your social media feeds or emails.

A recent study suggests that over 60 percent of people check their mobile phones within five minutes of waking up. While you might casually open your inbox to glance through work-related emails, they are likely to impact ou strongly. Those requests, interruptions, reminders, and unexpected surprises can put you off right at the start of your day.

By checking emails immediately after waking up, we frame our morning as ‘all things that I missed yesterday.’

The other day I saw Mostlysane’s video (#realtalktuesday) called – “Don’t Blame the internet.” And she was bang on point. I loved it.

You can’t blame the internet for your addiction towards it. You are to decide how much to use it and what content to consume on the web.
On the same lines, learn how priortize your morning things before the mobile and social media takes over you.

5.Leaving your bed unmade is bad

While you may think about what difference does it make if you make your bed after waking up or not, it does.

I still remember, one of our teachers in the school once said, “If you want to live a disciplined life, make your bed in the morning. Yes. That’s the first step towards self developement.”

Not to be too surprised, my father also had the same thing to say. To be honest, I never obeyed to him then. But now, I know.

Though this may seem trivial to you, reports suggest that making your bed every morning is likely to increase your productivity.

Would you want to check it out yourself? Well, you have a chance tomorrow itself if you’re reading this blog tonight.

6.Don’t grab a coffee mug immediately

Coffee is perhaps one of the first things that many of us crave for soon after waking up. It helps us feel energetic. Make sure that you don’t drink coffee immediately after waking up.

I read this in the newspaper the other day that the cortisol (a stress hormone) levels are at the peak in the first 30 minutes after waking up. It plays a vital role in fighting stress, regulating blood sugar level, and fighting infections.

If you drink coffee immediately after waking up, the caffeine forces your body to produce less cortisol. Try to have coffee/tea an hour after waking up.

So, guys, do you wish to make the best out of your 24 hour day? Then for that, you must start your day in the right way. Once you take care of your early morning hours, the rest of the day will take care of itself.

Do let me know was the blog useful to you? And which one thing are you going to do or stop doing tomorrow morning.

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2 Replies to “6 Best Things To Do In The Morning If You Don’t Want To Ruin Your Day”

  1. Ya right shraddha 1st point snooze its very true….snoozing triggers the brain back into its sleep cycle. Thts why i feel like ‘ आँख बंद है फिर भी दिमाग घुमता है क्यूँ है’ just know i found out….will try to wake up at first snooze..thanks dear..
    2nd point yesss वो फंडा मै भी use करती हू, after waking up i switch on the light first otherwise निंद नही उडती…
    3rd point i apply…water
    4th point yesss…i never see whr is my mobile….वैसे भी अपना काम first cylinder on करके चालू होता है…😜😜😜
    Very nice blog..useful to all…specially for those not aware of this thing….
    I have to apply ur first point….and will try sure…👍👍😘😘

    1. Yeah…. cylinder thing is so true ☺️☺️☺️ all the best

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