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30 People I Want To Thank For An Ambitious 2019…Day 15.


I’m not partying tonight. I don’t like to indulge in big parties especially while entering into a brand new year.

I have my own ways of welcoming the New Year. As you might know how I’ve been celebrating New Years for the past three years. I love doing that. If you don’t know you can read it here.

2019 has been an ambitious year for me. A year full of decision makings, failures and success.
And it’s been a good year for me because of many peoples support. So I’ve decided to thank my support system tonight as I slide into 2020.

This reminds me of my last working day at my first company. I had written 25 emails apart from my LWD email. That was quite crazy of me but I found it feasible and expressive than making 25 calls.
Today, writing 25 emails is not practically possible so I’m writing an open thank you note for each one of you.

Please pardon the order in which I’ll be mentioning the names. I’ll be just writing on the go as the thoughts flow.

Mom & Dad

I owe you both a lot. If it wasn’t your consent I probably wouldn’t be doing this blog Marathon today. I legit am grateful for bearing with my writing moods. You’ve been quite patient with my Blog Marathon. Thank You for understanding my state of mind and not disturbing me when I sit down to write. I have no separate room of mine but that’s okay because I love being around you both. I promise 2020 shall be a much better year for us.


Thank You for calling me every once in a while when I’m not being the first one to call. I love talking to you and get a cheerful break from my reading and writing sessions. Your comments have been the most encouraging one in 2019.


You were beside me in the worst phase of 2019. Thank You for not leaving me alone while I most needed someone. You’re still the biggest support system in this ambitious journey of mine.


I can’t be more thankful for your motivation and the way you share my work with your friends and family. Not everyone has this instinct in them. You’re one of the reasons I’m able to strive this hard.


I won’t call you Sir as you don’t like it. Though we don’t know each other in-person we’re connected through writing. Thank you for sharing all the emails you’ve been writing and feeding me with ample of knowledge.


Thank you so much for the timely compliments that you bestow upon me. By now I know we think alike. And I’m glad to know that.


Thank You Nakul for mentoring me to become a professional writer. We’ve never talked on the phone as the online tuition was more than enough. But I know you’re a great personality. This blog was impossible without you.

You should read his blog. He’s a great blogger.


You were the best thing that happened to me in 2019. Thank You for having ‘Write it Down’. This course has boosted my morale as a blogger and has helped me regain my confidence.

Shenoy Mam

Your comments on Facebook give me the strength to work harder. Thank you for your kind words. Getting encouragement from the most adorable college Professor is my biggest achievement of 2019.

Devyani, Heena, Sayali and Shital

Thank You so much for a heartfelt farewell. I’ve spent some of my best bachelor life days with you’ll in Pune. I still remember my last night in Pune. You made it a little more special.


You cried at my departure from Pune and made me felt loved. Those were the golden days of my life. Thank you for being there for me whenever I needed you.


Samia you’ve been the sweetest friend in 2019. Despite the distance, you’re just a ping away. Thank you, dear.

Sowmya, Vinith, Puja

One meet seems like a lifetime, isn’t it? Thank you for all the love you’ve showered upon me. Hoping to see you all again.


I’m glad we’re now in the same city. You’re the memorable part of Pune. Thank you for making me smile.


Thank you for standing strong beside me when I most needed your help. You became my strength when you could easily be my weakness.


Nobody has ever made such an effort to send me a gift. For my 25th you sent it from Bangalore. I shall treasure it all my life. And thank you for guiding me whenever needed.

Lalit, Jay

Thank you for being the critics that you are. It has helped me a lot in growing. I was glad that you both liked my ebook and expressed your views on it.


I miss you being beside while I work in this new office. And I know you miss me back. Thank you for receiving my calls. You know how much I long to talk in English with somebody. And you being the only person I can non-stop blabber to, you run to my rescue.


Thank you for that night when you helped me take my life. Sometimes all we need is a validation from a dear friend. And that’s what you did.


Thank you, Aman, for your warm wishes and the gift. Your artwork is treasured in my cupboard.


Thank you for being my inspiration. Your hard work keeps me moving.


My dear bestie, thank you for bearing with me while my Blog Marathon is on. Though we aren’t spending much time with each other, we do catch up from where we’d left.

Last but not least a big thank you to all my silent readers. Though you don’t reply or write back to my emails, I know you’re being inspired by my blogs.

I know you might be partying right now. But I wished to enter 2020 with you, my dear reader. Enjoy and stay happy always.

See you next year 😉

Until then, party hard stay safe and be responsible.


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2 Replies to “30 People I Want To Thank For An Ambitious 2019…Day 15.”

  1. Dear Shraddha,
    I wish you a verry happy, successful, productive new year…may you find or atleast get close to what you are looking out for….
    All the verry best.
    Keep writing with the same zeal and enthu ❤

    1. Thank you Samu 😘😘😘
      I wish we grow together in every aspect of life in 2020

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