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13 Poems About Life I Wrote In My Teens


Poems about life come alive on paper when life is either hard on us or a blessing. The words flowing through your pen on a blank paper is actually your heart speaking out loud in the form of poems.

Every poem you write has significance. The tiniest poems about life stir up your emotional quotient when you come across even a single poem during your day.

Love, hatred, sorrow, happiness, disapprovals, heartbreaks, all these feelings can be expressed through a few subtle lines. Life is such a wide range of feelings. Each second of your life exhibits a distinct emotion.

We often end up capturing them in a poem and try to fit in all the emotions out there. Every time we are broke, or when the world around is just perfect, new poetry is born.

Sometimes we end up writing the most unexpected words that bring the poem close to your heart. The words on paper have a magical effect on your soul. You feel fresh as a flower and enlightened as a Yogi when the meaning of the poem sinks in.

Life is but a poem, live it your way.

Here are a few poems I have been writing since I looked at life as a beautiful poem.

1.New place


Aliens all around,


the first step it was

Followed by some more


Day 2

was smiling with familiar faces

Hesitant a bit

curious a bit more

Day 3

was more of



with an outburst of


Aliens were now workmates

2. Cooking

Cooking, cools you down


Cooking, warms you up with the ingredients


Cooking, distracts you from your sorrows


Cooking, gets you compliments


Cookng satisfies you


3. The end is nearing.

With the dawn of a new day,

the end is nearing …

After writing each paper

the end is nearing …

With the worries about the future

the end is nearing …

With memories flashing back and forth

the end is nearing …

It’s a perfect dayout there

Yet the nearing end is threatening …

The countdown is a terror,

because the end id nearing …

4. She is still

She was a daughter first,

She was also a sister,

She became a best friend,

She then became a girlfriend

And a wife

Along with a daughter-in-law and a sister-in-law,

She is a mother today

She’ll soon be a grandmother …

But above all

She is still a daughter!

5.A subconscious wish

If only my window opened

to a herd of  trees,

I would take a deep breath

and embrace the environment around me.

The purity in the invisible air

would cuddle into my arms

and distil the world living around me.

If only the giant mountains stood there

in front of my balcony,

I would thank them

for their protective wall around me.

If only my door opened

to a carpet of fresh green grass

I would roll over and forget the people around me.

How I wish this


green-crowned land

existing only in the fairy-tales,

once come into reality

and bestow an experience of

bliss around me!!

6.The moving cloud

A huge mass of
white snow,
wandering above our head.
No talks, no laughter,
just loitering above our head.
Waving to the jets,
greeting the trespassers -birds
above our head.
A huge mass of
white snow,
always wandering above our heads.
Make time and look up
they’ll be right there
above your head,
Saying Hello! and
yet moving slowly
above your head.
See the snow-white colour,
softly turning into magenta, pink,
and then blue and black.
The best contrast,
is the maroon-spotted one,

romantic, musical and impressive

above your head.
See the diverseness of
shapes formed by the white clouds,
sometimes a huge dragon,
sometimes a cute hare,
a snowman,
and at times human silhouettes.
The audacity to rush to the
innumerable places around the world.
The loneliness carried throughout
their journey.
And yet united
in a huge snow-white mass.
How I wished to go
right there on the top of,
the Burj Khalifa
to greet them,
to have a word with them,
and to shoo away their solitariness,

at least for a moment

just beside my head!

7.The lost soul

Amidst of million people

In the great miscellany of faces

Like the mimicking robots walking alongside

the piteously filthy roads.

There exist a soul

thinking, wondering, feeling

& suffering to its sterling point.

It’s unstinting support raises

many in despair.

The soul acts as a mode of


to please their sensory system.

Living and flourishing

for the millions around,

the soul leaves back its dreams

& moulds them into compromises!

Surfing for humans, expecting for warmth,

the soul waits

until the breakpoint springs up.

Despite the existing body,

the soul disappears with

its dreams, aspirations, anticipations and

state of being human,

in this great miscellany of faces!

8.A battle with herself

I may be brave,

But I too need a hug.

I may be clever,

But sometimes I too need guidance.

I may be super capable,

But sometimes I too need support.

I may be beautiful,

But it’s of no use if there’s no one to compliment.

I may be strong,

But I too need cuddling.

I may end up crying,

But I still keep up the race.

I may be alone,

But there’s still someone with me.

My conscience.

9. Love makes life live

Who says love is a game?

Love it just a name.

Who says love is dangerous?

Love is the safest.

Who says lovers are violent?

Lovers are just silent.

Who says love drives us crazy?

Instead, love makes us wise.

Who says love is waste?

Love is about fate.

Who says love is fake?

Love is just a calm lake.

Who says, love, ruins a life?

Instead, it blossoms life.

Who says love teaches none?

Love teaches just fun.

Who says love kills?

Instead, Love makes life live.



is the synonym for silence.


it’s time to explore yourself.


it’s time to analyse your flaws.


it’s the opportunity

to be yourself.


its a bundle of thoughts.


loneliness is worth it

And sometimes,

there’s nothing worse than it.

11.The day

The day I wanted,

someone to hold my trembling hand tight


the day

I was all alone.

The day I needed,


tight hug

was the day

I hugged my blanket.

The day I longed


a walk

was the day

I cuddled into my bed.

The day I wished,


break down

was the day

I penned down these lines.

12.The feeling

The feeling that I am beautiful,

Comes only when you say “You are beautiful”,

The feeling that I am perfect,

Comes only when you say “You are perfect”,

The feeling that I am special,

Comes only when you say “You are special”,

The feeling that I can make a difference in somebody’s life,

Comes only when you say “You can make a difference in my life”,

The feeling that I am in someone’s thoughts and prayers,

Comes only when you say “You are always in my thoughts and prayers”,

The feeling that I can do things efficiently,

Comes only when you say “You can do things efficiently”.

The feeling of being complete,

Comes when you are with me.


Expectations arise

when the person is

thoroughly dear to you.

Expectations  make their way out

Of worries, anxieties

and extreme loneliness.

Expectations  arise

when dependencies

pile up.

Habitual expectations

can collapse you


Unexpected moments bring,

extreme happiness and joy

to us.


Expectations bring,

extreme sadness and sorrow.

The only solution is


Accept it!


Leave it!

Hope you liked reading the poems. I would love to know the best one.

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