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What Crying During Movies Tell About You

Crying during movies is not abnormal, it’s a sign you being an extraordinary person. All these years I was in a completely wrong set of mind that crying during movies is abnormal.

I was glad to know that researchers studying crying during movies say that it actually means you are mentally tough.

For a long time, I carried this guilt that I cried during movies. As I don’t like anybody see me cry, I prefer watching movies alone, in my own comfort zone. But when it comes to going to the theatres, I get petrified.

There have been instances in the past where my friends were embarrassed to sit beside me in the theatre because I cried throughout the movie.

When I thought over this problem of mine, I realised that no one around me cried at a movie as much as I did. Was I over-reacting? Why can’t I be like others? All sorts of questions troubled me. My friends said, “You don’t have control over your emotions. Maybe you need to see a doctor”.

Until I read this article, I was under an impression that crying during movies was unaccustomed. Let me highlight what crying during a movie actually tells about you.

1. You have a kind heart

Even today, my cousins make fun of me because I had cried for the movie “Taare Zameen Par”. They say, there was nothing to shed tears for.

I can strongly disagree with their statement now. It takes a kind heart to know the depth of relationships.

If you’d cried during a scene which has no dialogues at all, you have the strongest and kindest heart. It shows that just by seeing the actions you know what goes on in the characters mind/heart at that particular instance.

If you’d have to watch something without your heart, you’d choose something else over a movie. Willing to watch a movie which you know will make you cry your heart out is a bold thing to do in itself.

2. You are considerate

You have absolutely no relationship with the actors on screen. And you know for a fact that it’s a reel life and not real life. Yet you cry when the actor goes through a crisis.

You actually imagine the situation and somewhere at the back of your mind think – What if this happens to me or my loved ones.

Unwittingly you pray this never happens to anyone and hope the actor gets out of the crisis soon.

If you are considerate about an actor’s problem, how can you not be considerate about your near and dear ones?

3. You feel the pain of others

If you have watched “Kal Ho Na Ho” for the nth time and you still believe that Shah Rukh Khan will die in the end and cry during that scene, don’t feel ashamed of yourself.

Instead, take pride that you can feel the pain Aman’s mother, Naina, Rohit, Lajjo and the tiny tot Gia go through standing beside his death bed.

Next time if anyone asks, why are you crying for the Nth time for the same movie, tell them because you feel the pain everytime you see it. And that’s what humans are born for. To understand each other’s pain.

Q – Why is everybody so different?

A – Because you are unique.

4. You are an empath

Empathy is a gift that allows you to feel how someone else must be feeling. While you watch a movie, you put yourself in the actors/actresses shoes.

Researches also say that many a time you are illusioned to be in two bodies. In theatre, you are at times in your seat and at times on screen. You tend to feel everything is happening around you and you are a part of it.

If you are an empathetic viewer in the theatre, you may find yourself thinking like a father after his daughter’s rape scene. You may find yourself thinking like a mother on what she feels on her son’s suicide.

It’s but natural to feel for someone. And movies are adapted from real life experiences only. All stories are relatable in one way or the other.

5. You are a human being

Next time you re-think on your habit of crying during movies, just remember the most important fact. You are a human being.

We sometimes tend to underestimate the power of shedding tears. And holding them back only leads to suppressing your feelings. Whenever I see someone cry in front of me (nevermind if it’s on screen), I cry. In a fraction of seconds, I can shed tears.

Initially, I thought it was something weird, but now when I get with terms with my tears I know they are flowing down for a reason.

A reason emotional enough to change my facial expressions and body language.

The other day, a friend of mine said he also cries at movies. I was glad that he had the guts to accept it and felt nothing was wrong in crying during movies.

Another friend advised me to look away or look at the wall when a crying scene comes up. You can do that when a condom advertisement flashes on the screen whilst you are with your parents. Why do you have to do it while watching a movie? To hide your feelings?

Face it and cry it off. There’s no harm in doing so. Next time if any of your friends or relatives tease or belittle you for you cry at movies, share this blog with them and they’ll know how lucky you are to be able to cry during movies.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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10 thoughts on “What Crying During Movies Tell About You

  1. From last 3 movies my 3 frnds were teasing me for the same. Coz i cried. Now i can show this article to them. Thanx shraddha

  2. Bold enough to take this topic…it’s hard for a human nowadays to understand human nature itself and showing emotions is a sign of weakness.Glad that this article will help people realise it’s not wrong to express yourself

  3. I avoid to watch emotional scene and movies for this reason, I always tried to hide tears when watching emotional scene. Thanks Shraddha for the grate information.

  4. I love crying while watching movies 🙈 because I feel so connected to the movie.It feels like you are travelling through that path.And yes even I cry for the same scene if I watch same movie for nth time 😂.I enjoyed reading this blog because it is so relatable ☺

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