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Who Is Mrs.Rao | The Tale Behind A Tale [Blog Marathon Post 4]

Mrs.Rao was in my head since forever now. And all I wanted is to get into her head. Getting into your character’s head is the first and foremost task for a writer. It’s almost impossible to write unless you’re right there.

Many of you have been asking me who is Mrs.Rao, how did you think of writing about her, or is it a real-life story.

Answering so many questions on messages is not possible sometimes so I thought of writing a blog and so I’ll be trying to put everything in one place.

The first thought of Mrs.Rao came to me when I was at a family wedding, observing the rituals closely. When it’s a wedding in your family you understand that, witnessing a wedding is not just about admiring the glittering dresses and treating yourself with the fancy food around.

It’s about starting a new life. About the advent of the new relationships. And about all the little things associated with weddings.

You understand a wedding is not an event when you experience the rituals going on in those few hours at a wedding.

On one such wedding, I was attentive and seated in the chair pondering on the people closely related to the function. I could feel the pressure that goes on in everyone’s mind and heart.

It’s a big day for everyone. But it’s the biggest day of the bride and the groom’s life.

The happiness on their face is boundless. That was the moment when I thought what if one is denied of this happiness?

Marriage is a beautiful experience in one’s life. Imagine the plethora of emotions one would go through if he or she is turned down to this happiness of life.

And this pure imagination is what Mrs.Rao is all about. It’s a gripping love story that makes way for a new outlook on love, marriage and separation.

What do you think is the definition of love? Or is ‘Separation’ always about a break-up or a divorce?

Mrs.Rao will force you to contemplate on these 3 importance concepts of life – love, marriage and separation.

Let me ask you a few questions –

What does separation mean to you? Do you believe in love after separation? Or do you think it all dies off with time?

You’ll impulsively find out the answers in this gripping and subtle short story – Mrs.Rao

I longed to write it down and so I put those extra efforts and wrote the entire story in bits and pieces on the train, while I traveled to and fro to office.

Managing my weekly blog and writing Mrs.Rao was a challenge and I wanted to take this up, like I’ve taken up thisΒ  current Blog Marathon challenge.

Publishing Mrs.Rao on Kindle Direct Publishing Program was pretty much a smooth process. I chose the least amount from a specified price range so that the book is read by many of you.

The good thing about this is, you can read the book for free if you’re a Kindle unlimited subscriber. Some of you have read Mrs.Rao for free and I’m quite content because for me all that matters is – “YOU reading”

Writers get the smallest chunk of commissions from the book they write. It’s the publisher who earns the maximum percentage (in my case the publisher is Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Program).

I hope you like Mrs. Rao. Go here and read the reviews before you think of buying my book πŸ™‚

Also, if you like the book do leave your review on Amazon Kindle for the benefits of other readers.

See you tomorrow with another blog πŸ™‚

P.S. You need to download the Amazon Kindle App to read the book. It’s a great app where you’ll discover thousands of books. Read as many short stories as you can from there and you’ll be confident about the whole reading idea.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Mrs.Rao | The Tale Behind A Tale [Blog Marathon Post 4]

  1. First of all a big thanks you your Mom for helping you in this marathon.. Coming to today’s blog,it is actually very true, I can say this from my experience.. whenever you feel low,just do something which makes you happier,dance,music,sports whatever it is, it surely boosts your energy…
    All the very best for your marathon shradz.. keep made me a blog reader from a non-reader.. hope I will become a proper reader very soon.. πŸ‘πŸ‘

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