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5 Beautiful Malayalam Movies You Should Watch – Day 5

I was the girl who hated South Indian dubbed movies. The idea of watching the movie with all messed up lip syncs would irritate me to the core. Also, reading subtitles would always be a task. 

Despite my close friend being a Tamilian I never felt an urge to move from Bollywood to Tamil, Telugu, Kannada or Malayalam movies. I guess she failed to convince me or maybe didn’t have the zeal to do so. 

It was in Pune where I was introduced to the amazing world of South Indian cinema. If you’ve read Monday Mornings Done Right, you know I’ve made a bunch of great friends who had migrated from the south to Pune to work in the huge IT industry. 

Bala, one of the characters from the book, would always share some interesting facts about Tamil movies and sometimes Malayalam too. 

His eyes would light up while talking about his favourite heroes and movies. I was in awe with all his stories and happened to watch the first Malayalam movie with subtitles. 

This was a big thing for me then and it took me an extra 30 minutes to complete the movie. But the scripts and the actors are all worth watching and spending time. 

Today, I would like to recommend five beautiful Malayalam movies that I’ve watched.

1. Premam 

This was the first Malayalam movie I’ve watched and had thoroughly loved it. Nivin Pauly and Sai Pallavi play the main role and the story revolves around them in a hypnotising manner. 

I’m in complete awe of Sai Pallavi’s no-makeup look in the movie. She’s a brilliant actress. 

Also, despite being a Maharashtrian, I’ve somehow fallen for the song “Malare” and can sing along quite well. 

2. Bangalore Days

I had this movie on my laptop for years but I never thought of investing my time in watching the movie with subtitles. But after Premam, there was no stopping. 

Bangalore Days is a warm, bubbly, and pensive story of three cousins and their personal lives. It’s a slow-paced movie and has the same rhythm as any typical Malayalam movies. It’s always soothing. 

I can sing the ‘wedding song’ of this movie ( if you’re a Malayali you know it )

3. Om Shanti Oshana 

Another brilliant actress in the Malayalam film industry is Nazriya Nazim who plays the lead role in the movie opposite Nivin Pauly. 

It’s a cute love story of a young spirited girl and a shy matured guy. You’ll find yourself smiling throughout the movie. 

The good thing is you can watch this movie in Hindi. Thanks to the dubbing industry I could see the actors and the scenes without getting distracted by the subtitles. 

4. Kumbalangi Nights

I found this recommendation from my favourite writer and couldn’t wait to watch it. This movie is set on the backwaters of Kerala. 

If not the story you should watch the movie for the serene beauty of Kerala. Initially, you may not feel to like continuing watching but as it progresses you’ll be hooked up and wish the movie never ends. 

Watching this movie was a treat to my eyes and I got to experience a completely new definition of humanity. 

5. Helen

Helen is one of the most inspiring movies I’ve watched till date. This one was recommended by a dear friend of mine. 

A special thanks to him. 

It’s the story of a girl named Helen who strives hard to stay alive. Her determination and courage inspire us to see life from a new perspective. A must-watch movie for one and all.

If you have watched any of the above movies feel free to comment and tell me. I would love to know your views on the same. 

Hope you liked my movie recommendations. If you’re someone who loves story-oriented movies, Malayalam movies are for you. 

I’ll leave you there for today. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow. 

See you, take care!

Keep smiling 



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