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Why We Did Not Print A Paperback Of Our New Book | Day 4

Ever since the launch of our book – Monday Mornings Done Right, I’ve been getting plenty of messages asking “When will the paperback come?” I completely understand the query and have been explaining the same thing to each one personally.

It’s very difficult to keep saying the same thing several times as I have a lot of things to do throughout the day. So, I thought of writing it down in today’s blog post. If you too have the same question please continue reading.

Like any other writer, I too had a dream of holding my first ever published book in my hands. The feeling would have been the same as that of a mother holding her baby in your arms for the first time.

I always dreamed of holding my first baby in my hands as I’ve worked for almost one year creating it. Monday Mornings Done Right is a book which is very close to my heart as it revolves around the crucial phase of my life.

Yes, every story in this book is based on true events from my life. The stories are lighthearted and leave you pondering on each one read. The reviews on Amazon by far have been positive and it’s evident readers have had a wonderful time reading the book.

There are multiple reasons why my publisher and I did not print paperback of this book:

1. The global pandemic

I had been working on this book for more than a year. Writing the book was the easiest part of the journey. Preparing an attractive proposal, finding a good publisher, and being accepted by one was the next big step.

Fortunately or maybe, unfortunately, I got a publisher amidst the lockdown when the whole world was fighting against the pandemic. Printing a paperback would have been a task when the printing press, book stores had been shut down.

Also, as the delivery companies too were badly hit by the pandemic, we mutually decided to publish the book on Kindle as an eBook.

2. Reader’s safety

As you know, delivering parcels has been risky and we need to sanitize each and everything for our safety. We did not want to risk our reader’s life by delivering unnecessary viruses through a physical copy ( assuming the worst-case scenario ).

3. Readers moving from physical book to eBook during the lock-down

According to research, there’s a trend seen where readers are moving towards eBook and have been excessively reading on their electronic devices. This change in reading habits is again because of the above reasons.


4. Easy to read

Buying and reading an eBook is as easy as ABC. If you don’t know how to read an eBook on your smartphone click here.

5. The wait was painful

I’ve worked hard and struggled for around ten years to write and get published. The wait was already painful and so I settled down for an eBook.

My decision was backed by many of my readers saying, “It’s okay, as long as the book is written by you”. This was such a relief. Your love inspires me to keep writing.

For all those you have already bought the book and left their reviews on Amazon, I would like to say a big big thank you. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much for your lovely messages.

I’m glad you guys have loved the book. If you’ve not yet read the book, please go here and buy it right now.

Make it your weekend read and let me know how you like it. I would also want to know the favourite story off the collection.

Support your author by buying and reading the book.
Happy reading!


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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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