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A Beautiful Short Film I Watched On YouTube | Day 3

Yesterday, when I was scrolling through the YouTube app I happened to click on a short film as it had Eisha Chopra on its thumbnail. Eisha Chopra is a brilliant actress and she’s my favourite since the time I watched a web series called – What The Folks.

The short film which I watched is named – Call him Eddy!

Before you continue reading this, it would be great if you too watch the film and then come back to the blog. Here’s the link.

I’m sure you liked the film. It’s pensive yet beautiful, isn’t it?
When I watched it I had the urge of sharing it with you guys and so thought of writing it as a blog post where I can share my thoughts with you, extravagantly.

Call Him Eddy, throws light on two very crucial topics of life – 1) the importance of human touch and 2) love your near and dear ones while they are still alive.

I completely agree with the first point and can’t agree more with the second one too. Human touch is magical. It’s got that healing power which I think no medicine can offer.

We often forget to express our true feelings to our family and friends. The main reason for being our hectic schedule and social life. We’ve got endless excuses to make when it comes to giving time to our family.

I was no different before the lockdown hit us. Even I have taken my parents for granted at some point or the other. The pandemic has been an eye-opener for me. If you’ve read my short story “Home Quarantined” you know what I meant to say.

I’ve realised the importance of loving my parents as long as they are alive. As you know how highly unpredictable life is, we’ve got to live each and every moment to the fullest with our loved ones.

After watching Call Him Eddy, do you also feel the same? Do you also think we should express our love to our near and dear ones wholeheartedly?

I would love to know your views on the topics discussed above. Please feel free to drop your comment below. We can have a wonderful discussion right there.

Waiting eagerly to read your views.

Until tomorrow, bye take care!

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