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How To Write A Book Review | Blog Marathon Day 6


When was the last time you wrote a review of the book you read? Are you someone who reads a lot but avoid writing a review on Amazon just because you’re not sure what to write?

Sometimes it happens that you love the book so much that you feel you might run out of words to tell about it to the world.

Many times you may just put it off for you don’t find just the right words to appreciate your author.

Writing a review is an art in itself and it motivates the author to come up with more and more beautiful pieces of works. Your review also helps the readers to decide whether to buy the book or not.

So, you see how important your one review could be.

Since the launch of my recent book – Monday Mornings Done Right, the book is receiving at least one review every day. It’s an amazing feeling to read the words of appreciation from my beloved readers.

If you’re someone who reads but have never written a review because you don’t know how to, this blog is for you.

Here are five steps to write a book review :

1. Mention the name of the book, the authors and the publisher’s name (because the publisher plays a vital role in bringing out the book to you).

2. Tell us why you loved the book. How relatable it was to you and did you enjoy reading it. To know what goes into a review, read the below one. It’s short, crisp and covers almost all the aspects of my new book.

3. Do not unnecessarily bring out the negatives for the sake of it. It isn’t necessary. If you genuinely did not like a part of the book, say it, but at the same time balance your review with both the positives and negatives.

4. If it’s a novel or a suspense thriller, please do not give away more than what’s in the blurb. Personalise your review by writing what you actually feel about it.

5. You can end your review by recommending the book to other readers and a solid reason why someone should invest their time and money into it.

If you’ve hated the book completely, feel free to say so but don’t forget to mention something positive about it. Because there’s something positive in everything.

I’ve reviewed quite a few books. You find them on my Instagram Highlights or here.

Hope these steps help you write a good review.

Click here to read the review on my new book.

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