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6 Reasons To Have More ‘Me-time’ In 2020 – Blog Post 7


Hey there,

Apologies on missing two days of the Blog Marathon. I was down with fever and so couldn’t write. Sorry to keep you waiting. Hope you understand.

On Monday, when I updated my WhatsApp status as – “Sorry no blog today. Down with fever”, one of my best friends and a regular reader of this blog replied – “It’s okay. You’re a human too”.

Reading her reply was an overwhelming feeling. It feels wonderful when people genuinely care.

Also, my readers on Instagram sent beautiful messages which helped me recover in just two days.

Words have superior healing power, I feel.

Thank you guys for all your love and care.

Today, I’ll try covering up for the past two days by writing three blogs in a day. Hope I accomplish the target.

So, coming back to our today’s topic – the importance of having more “Me-time” in this difficult year of 2020.

But first, let’s understand what is ‘Me-time’. It’s the time which you exclusive give yourself. In this time of yours, you do something which you love doing or simply sit and ponder on the day’s events or indulge yourself in self-care.

Your “Me-time” can be as simple as sitting with a cup of coffee only for ten minutes, all alone in the balcony or window enjoying the chirping of the birds.

If you love drawing or painting then that’s your “Me-time”. If you love playing an instrument then that’s your “Me-time”.

Spending hours on social media is not called “Me-time”.
Now that you know the meaning of ‘Me-time’, let’s know the three reasons to have more ‘Me-time’ in 2020.

1. You get to connect to yourself

Having me-time allows you to know yourself better. You come to terms with things you didn’t know about yourself. You start recognising your capabilities which otherwise had gone unnoticed. You know your worth and start feeling good about yourself.

In my me-time, I sometimes find smiling to myself. And that I think is the most beautiful thing about me-time.

2. Having Me-time makes you feel refreshed

Having me-time clears your head. It helps you to forget all your worries, office tensions, anxieties, and whatnot. In your me-time, you’re at peace with yourself and that is very important for your long-term mental health.

When I write down my thoughts or worries in my diary, I feel relieved and refreshed. This daily activity helps me start afresh the next day.

3. You’ll stop being dependent on others

In 2020, you know how difficult it has been to stay home and away from people. You may even have longed for a hug from a friend of yours, isn’t it?

We always tend to be dependent on others for happiness, forgetting that happiness lies within us and not outside.

Once you start enjoying your me-time you’ll automatically stop depending on others for finding joy.

Today, we’re socialising on Zoom calls, attending Instagram Lives, hence adjusting to the new normal. But at the end of the day, all that matters is your inner happiness. Inner peace.

Get into this habit of giving yourself some quality time where there’s no social media, no friends and also no family member around.

It’s therapeutic. You must try it out in these tough days.

4. You’ll never feel lonely

Once you have a thing of your own, you’ll never find yourself lonely. You’ll have something that you’ll be proud and happy about.

Sometimes even your closest friends may be busy and you’ll have nowhere to go. That’s when you’ll understand the importance of having a “me-time”.

5. You become emotionally strong

When you get to know yourself well, you start understanding your weaknesses and strengths. This helps you to analyse your feelings and pick yourself up whenever you feel low.

I feel emotionally strong when I pen down everything that’s going in my head, right from the mistakes I committed to the good things I did. It helps me evolve in my own eyes.

6. You realise that you’re enough

Last but not least, having me-time makes you realise that you’re enough.

The whole motto of having a “me-time” is to keep yourself happy and mentally healthy.

Hope you liked this blog and would practice your me-time.

If you already do, I would love to know what you do in your me-time. Feel free to comment below.

Will be waiting for your comments or emails.

Until then, see you!

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2 Replies to “6 Reasons To Have More ‘Me-time’ In 2020 – Blog Post 7”

  1. I got to know importance of me time 2 years back when i was alone. After that you know how much i have changed and became strong. Me-timereally helps….each point is true

    1. Who’ll know better. You’ve changed to be a wonderful, strong and courageous woman ❤️❤️❤️

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