Sometimes social media can get the better of you. Lockdown has glued you to your mobile phones so much so that it’s nearly impossible to keep it away from you, isn’t it?

I am not an exception to this. It’s been months since we’ve all met our friends and relatives. So the only medium to stay connected with them is through WhatsApp – our very dear instant messenger.

A few days back when I fell sick, I somehow gathered the courage of putting off my phone and take complete rest for two days. That’s the quickest way possible to recover from any illness – medicines and rest.

This 2-Day Whatsapp detox taught me a few things which probably would have gone unnoticed.

1. Quick recovery

As compared to previous illness, my WhatsApp detox helped me recover quicker because there was hardly any screen time and the mobile was used only for its primary usage i.e. calling.

The exertion level was quite low which automatically put my body to energy-saving mode. All these factors boost the effects of medicines hence leading to fast recovery.

2. Mental declutter

Putting off your smartphone is sometimes good for your mental health. The constant urge of seeing someone’s story, reading the long messages, ignoring the messages from your family groups, and getting irritated because of that one unwanted message, requires a lot of energy.

Doing Social media or Whatsapp detox helps you to save this energy and redirect it towards something more important. Or something as simple as acquiring peace of mind.
Just like I mentioned The importance of having a me-time, Social media detox can be the best me-time for you.

3. Start something new

When you are away for an electronic device, you slowly start getting close to yourself. And that’s the time to start something new, something good.

Something which you’ve been putting away for a long time. May it be cleaning your cupboard or reading a book.

And did you know reading books is harmless?

Well, I’d leave you with his thought for now. Think over this and if you managed to smile on the same thought, you know what I mean.

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