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What My Sunday Looks Like | Post 9

Hey there,

It’s Sunday today! How are you spending it? Do you use your Sunday as I do? How about finding it?

I’ll tell you how my Sunday looks like and then you can share yours. Let’s do this fun activity today.

So, here I go with my Sunday routine:

1. On a Sunday morning, I sleep an extra hour or two. You need that extra time in bed at least once in a week, don’t you?

2. Once I’m up I don’t laze around as it instils more laziness. I quickly do my bed, sweep the floor and finish all my morning ablutions.

3. I love having my Sunday breakfast and tea with my parents. Because it’s only on a Sunday that we are home together. Also, the lockdown has taught me the meaning of eating with family.

4. After having a full-fledged breakfast, I sit to write my weekend blog. This is a ritual I’ve followed for the past three years. It’s my favourite thing to do on a Sunday.

5. I also help my mother in the kitchen ( small one though ).

6. After having a delicious Sunday lunch, I love taking a lazy afternoon nap. Sometimes I watch a movie or read a book too. Check out the 5 best Malayalam movies I’ve watched.

7. In the evening, I prefer reading a book on the terrace or meet a friend. I’ve been quite lucky to meet one of my close friends in these difficult times too. I dedicate some Sundays for self-care and pampering.

8. In the night, I slow down a bit and go through my journal pages. It gives me immense happiness and peace of mind. If I’d have an extraordinarily wonderful Sunday I make a creative entry of it in my journal.

9. I prefer going to bed early on a Sunday night as my body needs to prepare for a whole new week.

10. Feel good about utilising my Sunday well.

So, this is how my Sunday looks like. Does it match with yours? I would love to know what you do on a Sunday.

Waiting for your comments. Let them pour now!

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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