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5 Things To Do To Stay Calm | Post 10

I’m really upset about this time’s blog marathon. Somehow I’m just not able to cope with the number of events going on in my life.

Sometimes it’s really difficult to toggle between a plethora of emotions. Sometimes you need to understand that it’s okay to not be okay.

I’ve been struggling with my emotions and trying to stay sane for a few days. I know I’ve been disappointing you by not being consistent with my blog marathon.

Though I’m serious about this activity of mine I don’t like to rush with it. I like doing justice with whatever I write. So, guys, please understand your blogger and I promise to try my best to come up with a blog every day.

So, today’s blog is more for me than for you, dear reader.

I’ve been doing the following things to keep myself calm amid the ever-changing situations around me.

1. Talking my heart out to a close friend

I’ve been doing this almost every day now. But sometimes talking to your friend may too have limitations as he or she may or may not be available due to some valid reasons.
So, you cannot be completely dependent on this option.

2. Going on long walks

This activity has helped me tremendously, lately. I’ve been going on walks in search of peace and calmness.

I feel much better after walking alone, observing things and people around me, and having that me-time of mine.

Here’s a picture from my today’s walk.

3. Sing aloud

If you’ve read my book Monday Mornings Done Right, you already know a hilarious story associated with my habit of singing out loud. Click here to read.

When I am too moody or know that I may mess up things, I put on my favourite playlist and sing along aloud. That’s the most happening way to calm me down.

4. Watch ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ultah Chasma’

Again, there’s a beautiful story about my love for this television series in Monday Mornings Done Right. Have you read it?

This show helps me forget all my worries ( big or small ) and calms my heart and mind. When my parents were off to the isolation centre in May, Tarak Mehta Ka Ultah Chasma has kept me away from evil thoughts and accompanied me throughout.

5. The ultimate way is ‘sleeping’

If none of the above works, the ultimate solution for me is sleeping. Sleeping helps several benefits and it does calm your mind.

If you’re also going through emotional turbulence, try out any of the above things. I’m sure at least something will work for you too.

Also, please note that having good mental health is the most important thing in these tough times. Take care of it 🙂

See you, until next time!

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2 Replies to “5 Things To Do To Stay Calm | Post 10”

  1. Forgot these things:
    – Reading books.
    – Listening to music/Songs.

    1. That’s cool. Thank you for replying

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