Hey there,

I’ve been away from blogging for quite a long time. Because I’ve been active on Instagram lately. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to juggle a lot of things at the same time along with a 9 to 6 job.

I really hope you understand.

If not, then today’s blog should help you understand your writer a little more closely. Allow me to unveil the hidden things you didn’t know about your a writer.

1. A writer is at work when you are not

A writer creates a huge world of his own outside his 9 to 6 job. He is always at work, almost 24*7. I say so because a writer even dreams of writing ideas, books, his readers and his dreams.

2. Writing is not a profitable profession, initially

If you think writing and publishing a book brings home “millions” for an author, hang on, you’re under an illusion. It takes years or decades for a successful writer to reach that dream income.

Sometimes, it’s also sheer luck.

Many a time, it’s all because of the readers. Sometimes its only investments without any return, for years together.

3. ‘Sacrifice’ is the second name of a writer

A writer sacrifices on many things for creating endless content or writing books for his loyal and beloved readers.

Your writer often sacrifices on his sleep, outings, hangout’s, a better lifestyle to produce great content for you.

4. Readers make a writer

A writer strongly believes that without readers he is no one. Many a time, he puts his writing and readers before anything else.

5. The 9 to 6 job is not an exception for a writer too

Even though your writer is a Bestseller he/she cannot afford to leave his day job. A writer needs to work day in and day out to meet the ends. It’s a hectic profession, you see.

What you see on Social Media is ONLY the happier picture.

6. Your writer is a multitasker

Besides writing, a writer actively promotes the importance of reading and strives hard to make everyone read (not only his books but all good books out there).

7. Your writer is an avid reader first

Before writing a book, your author reads at least 100 books and is always found reading. Books are an inevitable part of your writer’s life.

8. Writing is a lonely profession

Many times, a writer needs to lock himself into a room, away from the external world to concentrate on his ongoing book. This leaves a writer all alone away from his people.

The only thing that keeps a writer motivated is your sweet messages and emails.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and express your gratitude to your favourite author. You can do anything, for instance, write to them, buy their books, gift their books to your friends, share their posts on Instagram, talk about them and their books with people around you and so on.

Just make sure you keep your writer smiling, always. After all, YOU – the reader, is the closest to any writer.

Okay, now let me go and message my favourite writer and be the reason for her beautiful smile.

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