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The Happiness Of Reading A Book Be Like!

The feeling or the mere thought of not having read a book in the longest time was distressful. Something felt amiss, all the time.

It felt incomplete not reading a book for the past days ( around a couple of months ). I felt incomplete.

With the happenings going on in my life, all of them at the same time, sitting on a couch and reading a book felt like being at leisure. And spending leisure time amidst a family crisis was too much to ask for.

But one fine day, I couldn’t bear to not have read something nice in the longest time. So, I picked the latest book by my favourite author and just got into the reading mode, hurriedly.

I read at my own pace, chapter by chapter, as I had to do several other things also. I did not get harsh on myself and allowed the book to pace up and make me curious enough to have me read rigorously.

Today, when it did have all my attention and the curiosity reached the top-notch level, I read around 100 pages throughout the day and finished it (also sacrificing on my Sunday afternoon nap).

That’s the spell a great book can have on you. I was completely engrossed in the events going on in the book and felt the eagerness to know what’s to come next.

Every page you turn has something to ponder upon or smile about or learn something new about a place or about human psychology. There’s so much a book has to offer you.

It’s a whole new world that you discover inside the pages of a book. Something you experience through the sheer power of imagination.

That’s why they say, “No two people read the same book”.

The protagonist can be someone else in your head than it is in mine. And that I think is the beauty of reading a book. All you have are words to be read and create a scene of your own through your imagination.

Isn’t it magical?

The more I think about this magic, the more I’m sure of it.

Also, it’s important to read the entire book, for you’ll never experience the complete emotions or gain the full knowledge if you leave a book half-read.

As they say, “A half-read book is a half-finished affair”.

Today, I feel extremely delighted to have completed reading a beautiful Novel by Preeti Shenoy, named – When Love Came Calling. It’s a young adult fiction but a complete family package too, enwrapping different layers of dreams, love, family and parents.

I feel happy to have picked this book to combat my reading block and now I look forward to picking another book almost immediately.

The reason behind writing all this in today’s blog is simply that I had an uncontrollable urge to share the happiness of reading a complete book with you, my dear reader.

It’s the feel-good factor in the true sense. I really hope I sound equally elated through this blog as I really am while I write this. Because I intend to transfer the same energy and happiness to you with the hope of you picking up a book to read, really soon ( if you haven’t yet or stopped reading for some reason ).

I hope you follow suit.

Do let me know if this blog inspires you to read a book right away. I’ll be glad to read all your comments. Waiting eagerly!


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6 Replies to “The Happiness Of Reading A Book Be Like!”

  1. No two people read the same book…
    Soo true…
    ♥️♥️♥️♥️ lovedd reading this…

  2. Relatable, will try to read a book again. Thanks for inspiring as always 😊

    1. I’m glad Vinith. Keep reading

  3. Your blogs are getting richer daily..

    1. That’s such a pleasure to know. Thanks a lot 🤗

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