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9 Important Things Lockdown Taught Me! Tell Me Yours

Hey there,

It’s the month of October, already. And as you know my September Marathon was an unsuccessful affair. Nevertheless, I’d be continuing posting blogs as time permits.

Hope you accept my apologies as we are a big family of like-minded readers.

So, we’ve got only three months left in this dreadful year. It sounds exciting, but then we don’t know what the next year has to serve us with.

That’s the reason I was pondering on all the good things that the lockdown has taught me and thought of sharing the same with you. This may help you to concentrate on the positive aspects of this year and the lockdown in particular.

Here are the nine things lockdown taught me:

1. To be grateful

With millions of people losing their lives and family members in the past year, I’ve felt extremely blessed and grateful to be alive. Unlike many others, I’m fortunate enough to have a house to dwell in and food to eat.

2. Parents are your world

Lockdown has validated this point that parents are your ultimate saviours of life. I was lucky enough to get both my parents after defeating the COVID-19 virus in May. My short story book – Home Quarantined narrates the detailed story of our COVID-19 experience. Have you read it? Click here.

3. Health should be the top-most priority

You’ve got the only body and there’s no replacement available, isn’t it? Have you ever thought why we always keep our body last in the priority list?

Shouldn’t it be above everything else? Imagine if tomorrow your body gives up then how are you going to work for a living?

One fine day, when I realised what an unhealthy life I was living for the past 26 years, I decided to make a change.

Only with good health can we live a happy and prosperous life.

4. Exercise is must

Continuing with the previous point, along with a balanced diet, I also started exercising and going on morning walks.

All these years, I was only giving silly reasons and stupid excuses for not working out. Lockdown made me realise the importance of how badly my body needs physical activity.

5. Rising early in the morning is the best habit

The first half of my lockdown had hampered my sleeping cycle and had made me lazy. But ever since I started exercising, I felt the need of waking up early in the morning.

This small change in my day gives me enough time at my disposal to do many other activities and tasks.

6. Neighbours are your immediate relatives

If you’ve read Home Quarantined you know what role my neighbours have played in the most difficult times. They’ve been family to me when my parents were away in the isolation centre. Do read an amazing story of how my neighbours supported me here.

7. Importance of having a stable income

The other day, my father got a message on one of his WhatsApp group from a friend asking for a job. The person, with a wife and three children, had lost his job due to the lockdown.

It was a heart-wrenching moment and we felt helpless as we could not do anything for him. But, at the back of my mind, I thanked the Lord for I’m still getting my paycheck every month.

Lockdown has grounded us in such a way that we’d never think of taking this blessing for granted, isn’t it?

8. Importance of having a close friend staying nearby your house

If you’ve read my blog on my lockdown friend, you’ll know why I say its important to have a close friend staying nearby your house. I really feel blessed amidst the lockdown to have one of my closest friend just a few kilometres away.

He has been there by my side throughout the lockdown whenever I needed help or just a patting by saying – “Everything will be alright”.

9. To face the camera courageously

I’ve had this phobia of facing the camera since forever. But our virtual book launch which was an Instagram Live has vanished off my anxiety of being on a camera.

Thanks to my publisher – Devanshi, the founder of Mithaas Services for making me comfortable during the Live.

Are you able to relate to the above things which I learned in the lockdown? I would like to know what are the good things that lockdown taught you.

Feel free to comment and tell and spread positivity amidst the difficult times.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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6 thoughts on “9 Important Things Lockdown Taught Me! Tell Me Yours

  1. I could relate all these… Having a stable income, staying with parents etc. I get to know you only during the lockdown and you have inspired me to read. Im a blogger and now im planning to write my first book only because of you … 😁 You should mentor me as you are my only friend from writers community…

    Do visit my blog
    Waiting for the surprise 😉 #MMDR

  2. Actually during lockdown 1, one of our WhatsApp group came together and distributed breakfast for hamals in vegetables market at Dadar.
    Though small but took opportunity to serve poor, instead of just sending Good morning messages in a group

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