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Three Happy Things Happened To Me Today!

Hey there,

How’s life going on? I’m loving this routine of mine – to check on YOU daily. What else do humans want? A warm smile or a few words of kindness.

As you read this blog, I hope you had a good day. By good day I mean something positive or refreshing happened to you today.

It’s really important to notice and appreciate the good in each day. Because today will NEVER come back.

Especially, in these difficult days, make a note of all the happy things that happen to you daily. It may be a phone call from a long lost friend or a surprise dinner by your Mom.

As you and I share a special bond, I’d love to share the three happy things that happened to me today.

1. Woke up without an alarm

Yes. You read it right. Lately, due to the new normal, I had been snoozing my alarm quite a lot of times. This irritated the entire house and I ended up having a bad start to the day.

On the contrary, to my surprise, today I woke up before the alarm could even ring. This was a marvellous change and I embraced it happily.

2. Had a wonderful Me-time

As the day started on a happy note I made myself a cup of green tea and made myself comfortable in the balcony. The weather was moderately cool and the sunlight was just perfect.

At 7.30 am, I listened carefully to the birds chirping and the wind blowing, slightly. I was overwhelmed to hear different sounds of the birds.
After a long time, I had this kind of a me time – serene and calming.

3. My Publisher surprised me

In the afternoon, while I was working, I got a message from my publisher. She sent a picture with a caption – ‘Surprise’. That surprise got me goosebumps.

I couldn’t stop smiling. If you’re wondering what the surprise was, hold on, you’ll have to wait for it.

I’m not allowed to reveal it right now.

So, guys, did you see how the little things turned out to be the happy things and added value to my day?

If you’ve read Monday Mornings Done Right you’d know how important it is to acknowledge and appreciate the little things in life.

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