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A Rainy Yet Fabulous 26th ! Blog Marathon Post 18

In my earlier blog post, I’ve shared the 26 lessons I learned in 26 years. And as promised, today, I’d be telling you how I celebrated my lockdown birthday on the 23rd September. 

Unlike previous birthdays, I was really excited about this one. In sheer enthusiasm, I also started my blog marathon on the 1st of this month. 

But as you know, sometimes things don’t go as you plan them to go. September was a month full of ups and downs which harmed my blog marathon. But the problems can never get the better of me. I’ve been balancing everything quite well. Touch wood. 

Today is the 27th and I’m writing my 18th blog. Need to catch up on many blogs. I will. Definitely.

As it’s lockdown and we need to restrict ourselves from going out, I spent my birthday working, attending phone calls and replying to messages. 

I would love to share some of the sweetest gifts that I received (though virtually). To make this a fun post, I’ll be using the names of people mentioned in my book – Monday Mornings Done Right. 

  • Mani, from Bangalore, recorded an adorable video of he singing a birthday song in Sanskrit. Mani’s beautiful sister-in-law and their new puppy also joined in the chorus. This was a heartwarming gesture and I loved it from the bottom of my heart. 
  • One of my readers, wrote a blog for me thanking me for being an inspiration. I was blown away on reading it. Thank you so much, dear. Here’s the link
  • Gautam sent a video of he playing the birthday tune on his mobile piano. 
  • My lockdown friend made a meme on me. It was hilarious. After all what are friends for – to make fun and laugh aloud. He had planned a surprise for me but he couldn’t execute it due to the sudden downpour in Mumbai on the 22nd and 23rd September. Despite the rains, he also made an effort late that night to start his scooter but unfortunately due to waterlogging, the scooter refused to move even after 50 kicks. Though he couldn’t make it to my home, his efforts were outstanding and it made me feel special. 
  • My publisher had arranged a special live session to wish me on Instagram. We had a beautiful chit-chat session about our book – Monday Mornings Done Right. Devanshi is awesome when it comes to live. This 25 minutes Instagram live was the perfect way to end the day. You can see the recorded video here. 
  • My neighbours bought a delicious cake at midnight and surprised me. 
  • Ashna, a close friend of mine and an avid reader of this blog, wrote a heart-touching note for me. This was the first time when someone wrote for me. Otherwise, it was always I who wrote birthday notes for my friends. 
  • Many of my readers wrote to me on Instagram and share my pictures on their stories. It was indeed an overwhelming feeling. 
  • Last but not least the new normal – the group video calls.

I would like to take this moment to thank each one of you to have made my 26th birthday the most memorable one. 

Mine was not a birthday bash or a ‘balloons and candies birthday’. It was a birthday just as I like, simple yet warm. Thank you all for making my lockdown birthday right! 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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