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Paperback – A Dream Come True!

Hey there,

Finally, the day arrived when I could hold our book in my hands.

Before I start with the blog, I would love to know how are you doing? How’s life at your end? I hope you’re growing each day in terms of health, knowledge and values.

So, the day my publisher emailed me saying, “Our book – Monday Mornings Done Right, is doing great on Amazon and so we’ve decided to print the paperback”, I almost jumped off my chair.

I was thrilled to know that I’ll be finally able to hold my baby in my hands.

A book is an author’s baby. Monday Mornings Done Right is my first baby.

Today, I want to thank all those you’ve bought the ebook version of our book – that was the biggest encouragement for me.

A warmer thanks to those who’ve bought both the ebook as well as the paperback of Monday Mornings Done Right. You all have been wonderful readers and supporters.

If you were reluctant to buy the ebook, here’s a brilliant opportunity for you. The paperback (i.e. the physical copy) is now available on Amazon.

Go grab your copy now! Also, let me know how you like the book. I’ll be eagerly waiting to know our reviews.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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