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6 Practical Things To Do When You’re Missing Someone Badly

Are you missing someone? You indeed are; otherwise, you wouldn’t have clicked on this blog link. I ensure you that you’d find this article useful, keep reading to get benefited.

Lately, I had been for a Marathi drama. One of the characters in the story had lost her husband. She loved him very much. There was a moment when she thought of killing herself and sacrificing her life for the sake of their love.

But when she thought over it practically, she decided to start anew. As a result, she began an orphanage to fulfill her husband’s wish.

The young lady lived her departed husband’s dream.

The person you’re missing at the moment is probably your parted best friend or your girlfriend/boyfriend with whom you’ve had a recent breakup.

It is natural if you’re going crazy missing someone very close to your heart. Let me help you to manage this uneasy feeling of yours.

1. Pursue the passion you’ve left back long ago.

Many times, a breakup can get to you, and have hazardous effects on your mental and physical health. You avoid mingling with people and you are alienated from society.

You keep missing the quiet and sometimes intimate moments you spent with that person. You grow depressed by the fact that the person is no longer around you and wouldn’t be in future either.

Unwittingly, you start watering your sad feeling which ultimately makes you a depressed person. And this is what I call is hazardous.

Before you fall into this situation, you need to first decide as to what do you want from life. Do you want to move ahead and be happy or stay back in the past and be depressed?

If the answer to your question is the former part, then this article will be of cent percent help for you.

Now that you’ve decided to be happy, go for a long walk on a beach. Think about all the right things in your life. Capture the most beautiful thing that flashed your mind. The idea that once upon a time gave you sheer happiness. That one thing which is still with you. It might be a passion that you’ve left behind in the course of time or a book you had left half-read.

A half-read book is a half-finished love affair.

Why not complete the love affair that you once had with your hobbies? Go for it. It’ll help you stop missing that someone who’s just moved out of your life irrespective of the reason(for leaving).

2.Design your day such that it is filled with content

You’ll keep missing that someone if you’ve not got anything else to do in the 24 hours you have with you. If you wake up and go to bed with his/her thought in your mind, you’re close to swimming in the ocean of depression.

Plan your day in such a way that you’re motivated throughout. Make sure that in the initial days of missing someone, you keep yourself busy every second of the day.

There are two benefits of this, one you’ll not get any time to miss that someone and two you’ll have a sound sleep at night after having a busy and tiring day.

3. Stop linking everything to that one thing

There’s one TV serial going on, where the female lead role is a widow and the hero is madly in love with her. But the heroine is not ready to come out of her husband’s memories.

She keeps linking every festival, everything that he liked, every incident to her gone husband and explains how wrong it is to live happily without him.

On the contrary, the hero asks her one question – “Would your husband like you seeing sad and constantly missing him?”

He tells her, “It’s ok to be normal. It’s ok to be happy.”

If you don’t stop linking each and everything of the person who’s no more a part of your life and mourn over it, it’s difficult for you to live a happy life.

Miss him/her but for all the right things. Missing someone is fine but don’t stay back in the past. Smile, brush off your worrisome nature and move ahead.

4.Ring a genuine friend

When you miss someone, you are actually missing your old self. You miss your happy face when you had sat next to that person.

You miss being you.

To overcome this just ring a friend who understands you and will always be there for you. Let the chat be about your school or college life. About a silly joke on which you both still laugh after years of cracking it.

Once you start talking normally to your friend, you’ll find your old self once again.

What are friends for after all?

5. Make a point to read one page before going to sleep

The missing factor, sometimes is really intensive and chances of that person flashing in your dreams are high. According to research, it is proved that whatever we think or do before sleeping has a significant effect on our dreams.

To avoid any such sleep hazards, get into the habit of reading at least one page from any motivational book just before going to bed.

When you read a self-help book, you read yourself.

And this will play a significant role in molding you, and gradually you’ll be the best version of yourself.

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6. Be the real you. Do not pretend.

If you genuinely want to stop missing someone you need to be true to yourself and to the people around you. If you portray a dashing figure of yours, you’re cheating with your own self.

Accept your feelings. Be it anger, pain, jealousy or sadness accept it and then express it. If you keep everything inside you, you’ll suffer in the long run.

The jailed feelings may explode in the form of lava soon. Hence let them out at once. And get rid of them once and for all.

Follow the above points to live a happier life and let me know if it brings even a small percentage of change in your life. Share this article with your friends who’ve caged themselves, and you want them to come out and breathe happily as before.

Thank You 🙂

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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8 thoughts on “6 Practical Things To Do When You’re Missing Someone Badly

  1. You have showered the “Words of wisdom” young lady 😀. And that line just stole my heart 😍 …. Guess what… “A half-read book is a half finished love affair” 👌🏻👌🏻. This love affair has no ‘break-up’ threat… 😆

  2. The 3rd one is sooooooooooo relatable. Always happens to me. And the 4th one always works for me. One small talk with a crazy friend can either lighten up your mood or change your perspective towards life.

    You totally got everything on point. Very well written Shraddha, especially those little quotes in between….!!! 😊👌

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