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A Message Of Appreciation


The other day I got a message on Instagram complimenting me for my blog. It was an overwhelming experience. He said, “I like reading your blogs and share them with my family and friends.”

Little did I know that my blogs are read by people besides my friends also. Because unless you get feedback or appreciation, you don’t realize that you’re being read in the first place.

On another such beautiful morning, I received one more sweet message saying the blog was relatable and that he was my official reader now(after reading this one).

What more can a writer ask for?

You must be wondering why am I flaunting the compliments that I got. Disclaimer: I’m not here to brag about how my blogs are converting non-readers to readers.

William James, the father of psychology, says that the most fundamental psychological need is to be appreciated.

Who does not like to get a pat on the back or a message of appreciation at the end of the day? We all long for it. Just a couple of words “Good Job” said with a smile, is enough to wash off all the tiredness of the day.

On the same lines, yesterday I happened to read this Whatsapp status that said – Drop a smile, and I shall write something about you. Never had I done this before. But the fact that someone will write something about me was appealing. Just like the comments I get on my blogs.

I dropped a smile. But in return, I got a “conditions applied” message. I had to send a picture of mine and copy the same message to my Whatsapp status and then she shall write a caption for my picture and post it.

The message further said, “Often we appreciate people in our life either for a purpose, for formality, etc. and forget to appreciate them unconditionally or by going out of the way.”

This was crazy but a thoughtful initiative. I decided to go for it, and to my surprise, many of you dropped a smile in my inbox.

So, here I am writing about all of you and attempting to put a more full smile on your face just like I have when I read your comments on my blogs.


Oh God! This was the nth time I backspaced my words. From the moment you dropped a smile into my inbox I’ve been thinking as to what can be written for you. You’re an inevitable part of my life, my year, my month, my week and my day. On one such awful day when we don’t talk to each other, I feel – “Lagta ki kuch kum hai.” Because for me you are a massive mountain of courage and bravery. You’ve stood tall as The Sahyadri and have hard-turned back the stormy problems that came your way. Being self-sufficient and supporting your family at the same time for a woman is the biggest challenge and that you’re bearing all of it on your most robust shoulders. While walking along the path of life, whenever I feel low and need to lift my own self up, your face flashes in front of my eyes and I’m fit to walk again on the path of life. Keep inspiring, keep smiling and keep working towards your dream!


I think I was waiting for such an opportunity to appreciate you for a long time now. It was only one-way appreciation until now. Ok, so one confession – Last year’s fish pond was written by me. Your voice is really music to my ears. You are that beautiful, simple, polite, patient, calm and sensible Indian girl everyone is looking for as a perfect match for their most eligible bachelor sons. And I mean it. There’s so much to learn from you, Sowmya. I still remember the way you helped me in solving all the issues back then in office. To be honest, sometimes I would utterly depend on you for resolving things. You’re a lovely human being, and I’m looking forward to seeing your dance academy to be a big thing very soon.


Oh! You know one paragraph or so isn’t enough for me to talk about you. And I still won’t forgive you for having read my journal secretly. You’re damn cute, man! 90s kids do have that instinct in them. Inder, I don’t think we may fall apart ever, because you know a lot about me. I like the contact image you’ve saved for my number. That’s so thoughtful and mad of you! Though now, we’re kilometers away, it never felt the same. That one year of togetherness, literally for more than a half a day, has that impact on us, isn’t it? And if you were on the other side of the table, it was always a time spent well. Nobody ever listened to my chattering as much as you did, and I miss that. I do mind when you say “Why the hell should I learn Hindi?” But did I ever say – Why the hell should I listen to Tamil songs? I learned them. We all learn. Then why not you? Aren’t we from the same damn land? Anyways this is a never-ending debate, and we should continue offline. Keep working hard, and soon I’ll wave at you when you fly from Mumbai.


Yes, despite having written an entire blog on you, there are a hell lot of things to say about you. As I have mentioned in the blog, you’re still addictive. I’m damn sure that your would-be will have a beautiful life with you. She’ll be lucky to have you in her life. Your dedication is commendable in all walks of life. Be it your diet, exercise or work or even friendship. It is said,”Avaj main vajan hai.” But I say, “Tumhare shabdo main vajan hai.” I must have done something good that I found a friend like you at this point in life. I think I better stop now because the excess praising may get to you Click here for the blog.


I’ve never called you by this name, Chinnu seems affectionate. We’ve shared our childhood at Roha, in Borivali, and in our native place. Back then you were a little annoying. Well, thats what cousins are born to be- ‘annoying.’ But now as we’re fully grown cousins, I think I’m blessed to have you from the whole big battalion of cousins I have. Oh God! we haven’t met for ages now. We never spoke much to each other, but the secret observant in me would always have my eye on you. You were different. And from our last call, I knew you are unique. I enjoyed each second of our call. You were open and full of life. The Chinnu I always wished to experience. Hardworking to tu tha hi and now you’re a self-made man. Afterall life does justice to the striver. Bas ab ek hi tamanna hai, jaldi se bhabhi se milva de. Only then will I be able to meet you again, you busy man.


It’s been 2 years we haven’t talked. But you were always there in my thoughts. Afterall you were my first roommate in Pune. I hope at least now you’re taking care of yourself unlike in Pune. Your caring nature made me feel at home, and I shall never forget that. You’re a real inspiration when it comes to handling feelings. You managed it so well. Hoping to see you soon.


कवितेची राणी ग तू, तुझ्याच विश्वात रमतेस तू,
कधी सुंदर तर कधी खूप सुंदर दिसतेस तू
आणि हसायला लागलीस कि अजूनच बहरतेस तू
अशीच हसत राहा, अशीच बहरत राहा
कारण अनेकांच्या स्वप्नातली राणी आहेस तू.

Sayali, I hope my attempt was good, though not as good as yours. We haven’t known each other so well, but I know you had this small girl within you, always. Your SS1 batch just helped you flourish with all your pluses and minuses. I wish  I was your friend from the beginning and not through someone. I’m sure I missed a lot.


This must be the longest time that I haven’t written to you. I wasn’t expecting you to drop a smile. But I’m glad you did. Next year we shall complete a decade of our friendship; still, I feel I’ve known you forever. It’s the sweet bond we share that always stands unique. And the complete credit goes to you, my dear. You’ve got all the qualities of a gentleman but writing all of them is time-consuming. Just to emphasize one attribute of yours – you’re great at marketing.


You’re lovey-dovey and child-like at the same time. I’m sure you mustn’t have changed over time. Your love for cats is commendable. The politeness in your voice is so genuine and cute that it can melt anyone. Your presence makes the environment bubbly just like you. Keep the child in you as enthusiastic as it is today.


Whenever I’m with you, I feel like I’m in the middle of a rapid-fire round of an interview. I need to bring back my breath after answering to your series of questions. Jokes apart, Samia, you’ve grown so much as an individual in just 2 years. You’re no more the timid girl that I had seen on the first day of office. You’ve evolved into a beautiful, confident young lady who knows how to live life to the fullest. Your inclination towards art is marvelous. You’re exploring yourself so well. Keep rocking and keep hunting new restaurants.


What a pleasure to have a chance to write about you. You know that you’re the guy every group wants to have. Entertainer, crazy, sweet and who talks a lot. All in all one big package. It was always great to have you around. Guys like you don’t need to take efforts to make people smile, your presence is more than enough. Keep smiling and keep spreading the love around you. Hoping to see you soon, haven’t laughed aloud for a long time now.

To be continued..

Wait for your turn 🙂

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2 Replies to “A Message Of Appreciation”

  1. Gaurav Balapure says: Reply

    And I sent a laughter instead of smile, thinking a laughter will earn me way more words than a mere smile could. But I scrolled down the article ending up in my own heartbreak…. Shradhhe, mala visarlis tuuuu 😡😡😵

    1. Dear, you didn’t read it properly…the end says to be continued

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