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A Message Of Appreciation – Part II


For the first time since I started blogging here, I had to end my blog with a ‘to be continued’ note. Please refer to my previous blog to know about the message of appreciation. Click here.


Though you weren’t in the first eleven, you’re the opening batsman in this blog. Make a note of the opening candidate in both the blogs, you’re bound to find a link between the two. Once again it’s an honor to write about you and that too after such a significant turn in your life. You know I can feel the original Gaurav is back. Even if I hadn’t experienced him before, the change is crystal clear. The humorous, lively and child-like Gaurav is flourishing in his best version today. Despite all the hurdles and challenges that life had thrust on you, you’ve bashed them off with full enthusiasm and courage. #salaam. Now coming to your personality, I’ll still say, “Bhagwan ne badi fursat se banaya hai apko.” And after that you’ve developed yourself very well. Your female friends are lucky to have you as their friend because your respect for women is laudable. You’ve taught me how to embrace struggle and evolve triumphantly in life. And how to face every situation with utter guts and endurance. Keep teaching and sharing your experiences, it means a lot to me.


Shayad hi tere jaisa koi bana hoga iss duniya main

bahar se sundar, andar se ati sundar

insaan ke roop main bhagwan

ko jameen par paya

hai humne

yaad rakh ye baat hamesha e deewane dost mere

zindagi badi haseen palsafa hai

tu chahe ya na chahe

ek din tera bhi

waqt anewala hai

You know Kiran, I’ve written a lot about you and still ‘lagta ke kuch kum hai.’ I remember the shine in your eyes and the sorrow also. Your biggest strength is the people around you, and you’ve earned them with your magnetic nature. A message of appreciation would be too small to describe such a beautiful personality like you. Stay motivated and live your life to the fullest, because we have only one.


You’re a perfect example for the phrase “kirti lahan pan murti mahan.” I am the most fortunate person to have met a dynamic personality like you in person. Better late than never. Good, you never accepted any proposals, loving yourself is the most beautiful thing in the world. I wish to see you as a massive artist and be the shining star in the world of art. And as you say, “Engineering is nothing without art,” I’m sure you’ll prosper in both fields equally.


I shall repeat my words as writing about you is the most challenging thing to do, and I accept it.

300 व्या पोस्ट साठी सकाळ पासून विचार करत होते,
काहीतरी स्पेशल पाहिजे हे नक्की होतं.
पण काही आठवे ना,
चेहरा पडला.
Whatsapp सकाळ पासून थंडच होतं,
तेवढ्यात एक message आला.
आणि चार वाक्य बोलताच
चेहरा खुलला.
वाटलं कोण आहे हा?
कधीही न भेटलेला,
पण तरी जवळचा वाटणारा.
10 दिवसांचा
Whatsapp प्रवास आमचा.
मोठा भाऊ,मित्र ,लिखाणातला गुरु
की माझ्या एकटेपणाचा वाटेकरी?
Crossword मध्ये गणपती बाप्पा सारखा बसतो
म्हणणारा तू पहिलाच
आणि library ला देऊळ म्हणणारा ही तूच.
रात्री न झोपणारा घुबडं ही तूच
आणि सकाळचा सूर्य ही तूच.
writers वेडे असतात माहित होतं
पण इतके?
प्रत्येक कलेला दाद देणारा तू,
मग ती लिखाण असो, गाणं असो
किव्वा सिनेमा असो
सगळंच आवडतं तुला.
रसीक असावा तर तो तुझ्यासारखाच.
Good morning , good evening , good night
ते Happy writing च्या शुभेच्छा
न खंड पडता देणाराही तूच.
आणि टाटा म्हणणाराही तूच
माझ्या त्या मित्राला खूप खूप Thank You
ज्याने घडवून आणली आपली ओळख,
नाहीतर झाली नसती
लेखक – लेखीखेची पारख.

The last line is just to make the words rhyme…hahahaha..

Thank You, Akash for being there for me. Though I missed you being around in the last few months.


You’re one of the sweetest gifts Pune has bestowed upon me. It’s always a pleasure talking to you because of the honesty in your words. The way you appreciate my writings are unique and hence I still long to get a compliment from you. There’s this cute Puneri ascent when you speak, and that’s the beauty of your personality. Eager to see you dressed as an authentic Puneri bride.

17.Gaurav Kore

Hey, my elderly friend. Though only a couple of years elder to me, you’ve got a hell lot of experience. Experience of life. All the responsibilities you had to take upon your shoulders were all worth it, isn’t it? That made you the person you are today. A true inspiration to many. I hope you find your better-half to hold the second glass on the other side of the table.


Nikhil, we’ve hardly spoken a couple of times with each other in the office. But it’s always a pleasant surprise having your wishes on every festival. I wonder how one can be so consistent. Consistency always wins hearts, you’ve proved that. I’m fortunate enough to have met you, and it’s a pleasure to have you in my contact list.


Omg! Writing about you again? It’s such a difficult thing to do. Describing such a versatile personality always lead to short of words. I hope you aren’t multi-tasking anymore. Sleeping while attending meetings is such a big task you see. You’re a humorous and spontaneous man and thank God for a young man though. How would it have been chatting to a man 12-years elder to me? Such a nightmare it would have been. It’s always great chatting with you, we’ll soon have a call. Till then keep your questionnaire ready.


Oh! For the first time, it is. Great you dropped a smile otherwise when would I have sent you a message of appreciation. We hardly mingled with each other much. The only encounter I’ve cherished is our picnic. That beautiful night wouldn’t have been lovely if you weren’t there. You know a girl needs a girl when she’s surrounded with a bunch of crazy guys. You were a secret support system then. And back in the room also. I didn’t feel awkward sleeping beside you as I do otherwise. You made me comfortable. I was a distant observer of your friendship with Mukund, Gaurav, and Kiran. It felt great to see you all together. There’s not a single day when we’re together, and your name hasn’t been mentioned. You’re always there in our talks and plans. It’s my strong wish to have you on some trip really soon. See You, dear!


Dipali – the iron lady! Don’t get puzzled as to why I’ve called you this. Remember our Mahabaleshwar trip, and yes, our first meet ever, you went right on the tip of the hill and posed for a picture? I was petrified to even walk upto there. And there you were hopping from one rock to another and enjoying yourself to the fullest. There’s an adventurous girl inside you and a beautiful lady outside with those long rapunzel’s hair. May your Facebook check-ins continue, and you keep wandering places all your life. I’d be happy to go on another trip with you, my iron-lady.


It’s such an irony that we met but didn’t talk, and after that, we went on and on chatting on Whatsapp. Nevermind maybe we were destined to mingle through electronic words. Words in any form bring out the same charisma out. We became friends on Whatsapp, and I got to know you closely. You’ve been such a wonderful buddy on IM. Once from nowhere, you pinged my one-liner on IM saying the line was excellent and I was puzzled for 2 minutes. I didn’t know how to react to it. Very few people take real efforts to check out on someone’s work. You, my dear, is one of them. You’ve been honest in your expressions, and I appreciate that. Hoping to see you soon.

So guys, take a bow. 108 people saw my status, but only 22 of you had the courage and felt the importance of being appreciated for what you are. People shy away when it comes to complimenting someone or even take a word of appreciation for themselves. Let me tell you that it’s a great feeling to praise someone for the good they do and also to gain a message of gratitude for the person you are.

You don’t need to have super skills or be a great writer to appreciate someone and place a smile on their face. All you need is a good heart and a will to do good and an acceptable soul to receive good.

Take pride in sharing your message of appreciation.

Share this blog with your friends and family, because sharing is caring 🙂

Sharing is caring!

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2 Replies to “A Message Of Appreciation – Part II”

  1. Gaurav Balapure says: Reply

    1. Really sorry for my impatient response to the first half of the blog.
    2. Thanks for the wonderful (yet so meaningless) coincidence that you made it happen 😊.
    3. Baki sabb toh thik he lekin tu pakka mere bare me hi likhi na? I’m feeling like I’ve won the battle of winterfell (which you have no idea about 😜)

    Hey jokes apart, I’m so honoured to be the part of your blog. Nice one. And the poetry on “Multitalented” KT is also awesome. YOU ROCK SHRADZ 😍 🔥 💯

    1. Omgomgomgomg …..thank you for such a heartfelt comment.
      Yes it was for u only. Take it, you deserve it.

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