January 19, 2022

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10 Signs You Are Enjoying Your Work | Case Study Inside

Have you seen yourself in the mirror when you were(or are) doing that awful job of yours which gave you nothing in return (except the salary)? You looked awful, right? Today, I shall tell you the 10 signs you are enjoying your work.

But before starting off with the blog, I would like to share with you how I got the idea of writing this blog. The observations and study have blown me away. 

I know a guy who grumbled about his workplace, complained about the people around and carried his unpleasant face around every single day. He did not enjoy his work at all which resulted in a sad life for him and for his loved ones. 

Now that he has started loving his new job, he’s a changed man. A change that you’ll fall for. A change that’ll make you think how important it is to enjoy your work. Keep reading to feel the change. 

So, here are 10 signs that show you are enjoying your work. 

1. You are no longer a complaint box

When you start enjoying your work you stop complaining about anything and everything. You become keen on seeing the positive side of every situation rather than falling into an unpleasant situation for no reason as such. 

The guy who grumbled about the weird people around him has not accepted them. He knows people like them will always be around wherever we go. It’s you who need to mould yourself to fit into every environment. If he would’ve been the same complaint box at the time he hated his work, he would’ve never had such a positive point of view towards life. 

2. You feel like you’re adding value 

As humans, you feel good about yourself for having created something unique and that which helps someone. Similarly, at the workplace, when you come up with unique ideas and create new things, you feel great about yourself. You feel a deep sense of gratitude for having added value to your client/company. 

The once frustrated guy now feels valued when he receives appreciation emailers every now and then. The rewards he gets for his exemplary work is because he puts his heart into whatever he does. 

3. You don’t mind working for extended hours

Work no more feels like work once you start enjoying it. You cease in time and refuse to look at your watch. That’s when you give your cent per cent in producing quality work and contributing to innovative projects.

The forever irritated guy who hated his shift timings now works for hour upon hours till the work is done. For him what matters now is work he loves and not the number of working hours or his weird shift timings. 

4. You feel happy about your love life

It is but natural to be unhappy in your love life when you’re frustrated at your workplace. Your girlfriend/boyfriend can sense the awful mood of yours which may sometimes lead to a stressful love-life. But once you’re happy about your work it reflects in your relationships also. 

The once unromantic boy now showers all his love on his girl so much so that the change is very obvious. It’s magical how a man’s characteristics change when he feels happier at work. 

5. You start decorating your desk

If you’re a creative person, you’ll want your desk to look the best. Your decorated desk is the mirror of your state of mind.

Though he has no permanent desk, he embraces any desk he’s allocated and works anywhere with the same efficiency and dedication. For him, a happy mind is his decorated desk. 

6.Your eye’s sparkle when you talk about your work

You get revved up when people ask you, “What do you do?” You just can’t stop talking about your work. It’s one of the signs you are enjoying your work.

Now if you ask that guy about his work, you need to know that he won’t stop his talk for the next hour. Be ready for a long phone call and enormous patience to be a listener. 

7. You start hanging out with your friends willingly

The time when you’re not liking your work you subconsciously tend to move away from your friends. You don’t know what to talk to them when you meet them. You feel inferior when you know the work you’re doing is not worth it. But this situation turns upside down when you get the work you like.

The same thing happened to the guy and he now initiates the meets with his friends and enjoys himself to the fullest without any worries in mind. 

8. You feel satisfied, though tired

If you feel accomplished, happy and satisfied about producing something of value when you work and if that makes you tired, then that’s the sign you are enjoying your work. 

Today, at the end of the day, though that guy is exhausted, he has a satiated smile on his face. 

9. You don’t grumble to wake up in the morning

Many of you complain about their mornings. 

“It’s too early.”

“It’s too far.”

“I hate what I do.”

If you’re one of them, then you either need a job of your choice or a completely new mindset. The day you get out of your bed without grumbling about the time or your work, that’s the day when you are set to conquer the day at work. 

Due to the weird shifts that he’d been into, he always complained about the lack of sleep he would get. Now that he’s loving his work, the wakes up with no regrets in his mind.

10. You automatically become a happy-go-lucky person

You spend 9 to 10 hours at your workplace which is a huge chunk from the 24 hours that you have. If you’re not happy in your day’s job you’re likely to be sad throughout the day. 

But if you enjoy your days time, at work, then automatically you become the most amazing version of yourself. 

Yes, you guessed it right. He is his best version right now. 

So with this blog which was more of a case study of that one guy how now enjoys his work like never before. Do let me know how you liked the storytelling part and the ten signs you are enjoying your work. 

Also, feel free to share your experiences about your job in the comment section below. 

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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  1. Wow, so true all that. I read your blog after a long time I must say. Everytime you write a blog, you do it in style. Thanks for the blog!

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