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6 Life Changing Lessons Learned In 2018

Lessons learned every year need to be cherished for they are the true treasures of life. We all grow through the thick and thin in the passing years which we need to be grateful for.

All good things come to an end and so 2018 had to. The lessons learned in 2018 will be marked as a significance of my growing years.

Without much of introduction, let’s take a deep dive into the lessons learned and how they can help you in changing your years into lessons.

1.Free yourself from the “Log Kya Kahenge” circle.

90% of the youngsters are caught in a trap called – Log Kya Kahenge. The remaining 10% have risen above all these odds and are shining bright in their lives.

Log Kya Kahenge is literally translated as “What will people say”.

Unless we do not decide to live life on our terms, it’s next to impossible to pull off yourself from this cliche phrase.

Instead of mulling over this thought why not emphasize on – “Kuch Toh Log Kahenge, Logon Ka Kam Hai Kehna…”, the lyrics of a popular song written by Anand Bakshi.

The literal translation of this song is – “People will keep talking, it’s their job to do so. It is we who have to rise above all this and evolve powerful and successful in whatever we do in life.”

Listen to your heart and follow the path it takes you to. Life will surely be a nice place to dwell in then.

2.Take decisions and implement them.

A decision taken without a proper action is just a vague statement done. If you really want to change something, work towards it.

If you have had the guts to take a particular decision, it’s good. But at the same time have the ability to implement it and make something good out of it.

3.Learn to say ‘No’

Many of us find it extremely difficult to say No.

It came to me as a surprise as to how important it is to say ‘No’. Unless we do so, we are taken for granted by the world around us.

It is definitely not a easy task if you are a happy-go-lucky person. But there are times when saying No becomes utmost important for the well-being of ourselves.

Let people think it was selfish of you. Remember you cannot make everyone happy at the same time.

 4.Read more books.

It was high time when I realized the importance of books. However, it’s better late than never.

Reading changes you. It changes our perception towards life. All great men are well-read. Their biggest assets are their books.

Swami Vivekananda said, “I’ve worked for twenty-two hours a day for twenty-four years. Some days I didn’t even sleep”

Buy books. Do not borrow them. I have stopped lending my books to my friends.

Money spent on books are money invested.

Sudha Murthy possesses a library of around twenty thousand books. She does not believe in lending books to others.

She feels that people should be encouraged to buy books instead of borrowing them. She emphasizes the only way writers will survive is if people buy their books, not borrow them.

Such a deep thought.

5.Nothing is stagnant in life.

Few months back my friend and I were chatting over a serious topic called – Life. In our chat conversation, she happened to say this line – Nothing is stagnant. This too shall pass.

Her words were powerful enough to sooth ones soul. I passed these words to my friends.

And now, they’re being used by us more than she must have used them.

The depth of these words encourages our mind and helps us rise and shine in every situation we fall into.

6.The right set of people.

You are known by the company you keep – a proverb which sums up a lot about us. In today’s world it is of utmost important to find the correct set of people in life.

I was fortunate to find some great people in 2018. This shall be a remarkable year for this reason in particular.

Be choosy when it comes to choose people. Be with those who encourage you and not belittle you in any way.

And after-all you only need a bunch of real people to bring out the original version of you out, loud and clear.

I hope you could relate to the above lessons learned. If not, please do follow them in the upcoming year, 2019. Make it a little more significant and spend each day in developing yourself.

Hope you’ve checked my blog on how to celebrate new year on a Monday night and tried one of the ways.

Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

See you in 2019.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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