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Goa And Its 7 Extraordinary Things You Must Know.

“Goa aye aur beer nahi piya to kya khak Goa aye”, a patent line you must have heard about Goa, isn’t it?

It’s not just the cheap beer and Breezer that Goa is famous for. I visited Goa 3 years back but it still feels like yesterday. Every now and then there are posts coming up of people visiting Goa and their hashtags #atlastgoa #gogoagone #goadiaries #beachlife #goatourism etc.

It makes me nostalgic. Memes on Goa are always evergreen. They never get boring. As it’s said, one must visit this land of beaches at least once in a lifetime. It’s so true.

Besides the obvious reasons why Goa is so special to all of us, let me tell you a few more Goan forte you should know about.

1.Love at first sight

Goa quotes, Goa hashtags, there’s a lot of stuff already present on the internet. Yet my fingers can go on and on to write about this hypnotizing tourists place. It emits a continuous magnetic force which attracts the tourists every year.

Even today when we see a Goan street or beach in a movie, it hardly takes any time to recognize the place. The place has that uniqueness.

The narrow streets, the tallest ever coconut trees, the tranquil fragrance in the air, charming beaches, inspiring mornings, surreal evenings is such a bliss.

Lying on the beach, enduring the exquisite sunset is like Love at first sight. And asking your friend to click a picture of you with the charming sun, is a mandate, isn’t it?

2.The sweet Goan dialect

Jevle mugo tu? (Did you have your food?) Doesn’t it sound cute?

The people of Goa speak “Konkani” irrespective of their religion. It ain’t a chaotic language like many other. It has a soft and friendly accent which automatically helps in spreading love all around.

No wonder it’s a peaceful place to live in.

Also, the houses in Goa. Every house will look similar to your dream home. Sizes may vary but they are perfect for those calm and cozy moments.

3. Best ever hospitality

When I had been to Goa with my friends, we stayed at one of our friend’s aunt’s place. His Aunt’s neighbour had thrown his retirement party but she couldn’t attend because she had to cook dinner for us.

The party was over by 8 pm and everybody had returned home. Aunt sent all of us to their house to apologize on her behalf.

We had no plans that night and we accepted the invitation willingly.  The family greeted us and asked us to make ourselves comfortable. The uncle who had retired began sharing his life story with us.

His son got us water. We had it. In the next 5 minutes, he brought 7 glasses of cold drinks. We had it. Once that was done he got 7 glasses of beer. We were taken aback and refused it.

On that, they all laughed and said, “This is the welcome drink we serve to our guests. You are new so we started off with water and cold drinks. But you will have to have this too. Look our grandson will give you company”, and the uncle’s wife served the 3-year-old guy beer in his special glass.

We were awestruck at this culture of Goa.

The family was so adorable we couldn’t deny so we drank a little bit from 1 glass only and returned the rest. We all had a great time with this completely new bunch of people.

4. Goa and its cleanliness

Owing to a smaller population, the government emphasises a lot on the development and upliftment of the state. You will not find a single piece of wrapper or paper lying on the roads of Goa. They are always spik and span.

The aroma in the air is retained and is distinguishable because of the maintained cleanliness.

5. Affordable as f*ck

Besides the amazing deals on airbnbTrivago and Oyyo rooms, hotels in Goa are always cheaper than expected. If selected a good hotel you can devour on great seafood and meat and have an unbelievable bill at your table.

6. Goa is for Men’s trip

It’s not just because I adored Dil Chahta Hai’s boy’s trip that I’m making this statement, but overall I get a vibe of men’s trip are more successful and worth it than any other trips.

When we had been on a trip, it was a ratio of 4 girls and 3 boys. The time girls take to dress up is way too long and annoying. When on trips, everything should be quick.

The sole motive is to enjoy every moment to the fullest. And I think guys can make it happen.

I’ve observed the instagram/facebook pictures that guys upload after a Goa trip. It’s as though they create memories. Each picture seems to have a story to tell.

It’s inspiring how men get passionate about Goa and it’s bliss apart of the wine.

7. The Panaji ferry terminal

Goa has this viable form of transport, ferry. And it’s free of cost. People can take their two and four wheelers also onto the ferry to commute from one place to another.

The ferry crossing from Panjim to Betim runs every 20 mins from 6am to 10pm. It is free and takes less than 10 mins. Whereas if we go by road the cab will cost 600 rupees one way.

So do use this free transportation when you visit Goa.

Hope you relate to some of the above points. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Goa. Please do let me know in the comment section below, till then see you soon.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “Goa And Its 7 Extraordinary Things You Must Know.

  1. Your descriptions always make me want to go to these places…..its a very sweet, light ans smooth read…
    Cheers mate! Looking forward for more of these

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