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Why Having A Daily Routine Is Important

Successful people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Amitabh Bachchan, Sachin Tendulkar, Preeti Shenoy ( best-selling author ) are known to have a daily routine.

Warren Buffet reads at least half a dozen newspapers every day whereas Preeti Shenoy walks her dog every day at sharp 6 in the morning followed by her cycling routine.

They have set a daily routine for themselves and are growing every day. Daily habits may vary from person to person. They may include exercising, rising early, playing mind games, writing into a diary, or even eating healthy. 

These small activities that you do in life flourish into a bigger picture in the future. Well, that’s how these successful people become successful. 

I’m sure this lockdown has harmed your daily routine. If you were an early riser, you’ve unwillingly or maybe unknowingly have started waking up late or completely shifted your sleeping hours.

It’s but natural to have some alterations in your daily routine. But, let’s not get off track because of the lockdown. 

So, today I’ll tell you some advantages of having a daily routine. I hope it helps you to come back to your activities and you keep growing bit by bit, every day. 

1.Better time management

Having daily habits helps you organise your time properly and gives your day a roadmap. If you know well in advance how your day is going to look like, you don’t have to waste your time in thinking about what to do next. 

That’s the reason why successful people make to-do-list on paper or some are too well versed with their daily routine that they don’t need one. 

I believe in living TODAY, wholly, so I plan my 24 hours well. 

You can be different and may manage your time in a different fashion which is absolutely fine. The focus should be more on tracking down your activities and utilising your time effectively. 

Once you have a daily, or weekly, or monthly plan in place it becomes easier to achieve your goals and keep your life in order. 

2. Self-discipline 

If lockdown has made you say “I’m bored” for a lot of times, then it’s high time you pull up your socks and set a routine for yourself. 

When you say you’re bored you’re just being lazy and putting off things. Once you decide that you have to complete so and so task by the end of the week, you’re ought to be self-disciplined and complete it on time.

Be it calling your friend, completing that book of yours, cleaning your cupboard, completing your WFH schedule on time ( and not extending it ) and so on. Everything can be achieved only with self-discipline. 

Having a daily routine helps you become self-discipline with time. 

3. You don’t go off track

Have you noticed when you go out on a picnic or a business trip, it becomes difficult to get back to your routine life, isn’t it?

Lately, if you’ve been waking up late, stopped reading or exercising by giving the excuse of lockdown, today is the day when you can resume back your normal life. 

Despite the new caged life, let’s try not to get off track from our life goals. Let’s take a step towards our goals every single day by setting up a daily routine that our ambitions call for. 

4. It may be boring at times, but it’s fruitful in the long run

Believe me, having a routine is not an easy thing and may get boring at times. But you need to sustain the same as that’s the only way to succeed. 

Success doesn’t come to us with shortcuts. It’s a never-ending process. 

Warren Buffet, the fourth wealthiest person in the world spends 80% of his day reading and says, “Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge builds up, like compound interest”.

When you do a task repeatedly you get into the habit of doing it and naturally become an expert in it. So, no matter how boring it gets you must to keep going. 

5. Having a routine is a blessing

 Imagine living a disrupted life where you don’t know what you’ll do in the next moment. For instance, when you’re locked down into your house and don’t know what do to with the extra time in your hands.

That’s when you realise the importance of having a daily routine. When I was home quarantined, I made sure that I have a routine for myself to keep me calm and stay away from distress. 

No doubt I had to alter my routine to suit the new situation in my life, but having one was important.

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What’s Your Daily Routine?

Take a moment and think about how this lockdown has changed your life and how you need to improvise on your day. 

Figure out your WFH schedule and design a routine for yourself that suits your ambitions just perfect. 

Make sure your daily routine takes you a little closer to your goals, every day. Also, make sure you don’t compromise your personal life when you finalise on your routine. 

We ought to grow both professionally and personally in life. 

Remember, establishing a routine takes time. So, be patient and don’t give up!

Hope you liked today’s blog. If you did, please share it with your friends and family. I would love to know your daily routine in the comments below. Let’s grow together!             

Until next time, take care & keep sipping hot water.



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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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2 thoughts on “Why Having A Daily Routine Is Important

  1. Yes you are right…this lockdown has indeed disturbed my daily routine 😓…this was the need of the hour…
    Also, so good to see you back here ❤

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