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How To Make The Best Of Your Work From Home Opportunity


Today, I’m in the third day of work from home privilege that I’ve got. You might be in your first or second if I’m not wrong.

It is just normal to not be comfortable in the initial days of work from home. It is human tendency to have an unnecessary urge of doing something which we’re asked not to.

As you know how we’re all hit by this deadly coronavirus and are facing tremendous loss in some form or the other. I hope, as you read this, you and your dear family are safe in your homes.

If you’re working from home, take this opportunity as a privilege. Think about the people who live hand-to-mouth and not on monthly salaries as you and I do and thus have no option of working from home.

Let’s respect this opportunity of working in a safe zone and make the best of it. If you’re confused by what I mean or if you’re already bored by this work from home concept, here are a few things that’ll help you work efficiently from home and not get bored off.

1. Be Honest

Come on guys, if your boss has availed you this facility of working at the comfort and safety of your home let’s not misuse it. Rather give our 100 per cent or more than that and not let your bosses down.

Work as you’re working in your office. Let your family know about your working hours so that they don’t disturb you in that time slot.

Fix a place in your house to get the feeling and to create an environment that you’re actually working at your office desk.

You may say work from home never stops as a lot of extra time goes into coordinating on communicators and WhatsApp groups with your co-workers. But you need to manage all of this in your working hours to avoid those extended hours.

Stop using social media, reading the unnecessary memes and stop getting distracted by negative things that are going around you. Stay focused and concentrate on your work to not end up working for extra hours.

2. Stop grumbling & embrace this opportunity

Well, I understand it’s not an easy thing to do. My first day of working from home was boring to the core. On the second day, I had a severe headache in the evening. But today, as it was the third, I had made up my mind to shoo away all the excuses and accept this work from home as it is and make the most of each day.

Not everyone is lucky to have this facility in the first place. My father who is a government officer is still going to work despite the virus moving freely in our state.

So, if you’ve got a chance to sit home and still earn your living, embrace it and make the best of it.

Also, take small breaks, stretch your body, and of course wash your hands.

3. Go for a walk (alone), meditate or do some Zumba

You and I always complain about not getting time do workout due to the long travelling hours.

So, now that we’re saving our travel time for a while why not indulge in these activities?

I think this is the right time to wake up in the morning and do some yoga or meditation or Zumba or any kind of activity that you like and you’re planning to do for a while now.

Just turn on your YouTube and you get a thousand results showing some best yoga or Zumba videos. Don’t sit and get bored rather change your schedule and make the best use of your time.

4. Enjoy your ‘me-time’

Do you find yourself saying, “I have no time for myself”? I know you do.

So, somehow the universe has paid heed to your cry and has given you the time (though the self-quarantine one) to spend some quality time with yourself.

Once you’re done with your office hours, give yourself some time to rejuvenate and pamper it a little with a strong coffee or so.

Don’t forget to wash your hands while you’re having your me-time.

5. Enjoy the loud music if you do

Have you ever wished to work in the office with your favourite music in the background?

Then grab this opportunity by playing your favourite song and working happily throughout the day.

I’ve been doing this and I absolutely feel fresh while I work from home.

6. Live your hobby

It is quite possible that you may end up with a headache at the end of the day as I did yesterday. To beat this you can sit and do something that you love to do.

For example, a long-forgotten hobby like painting, dancing, singing, write in your diary, etc. This is the best time to go back and live your hobby as you’re not wasting your time travelling to the office.

Or you can simply call your friends who complain that you never call. You’ll feel refresh after a nice laughter and chat session.

7. Spend quality time with your family

You’ve always heard your family complaining about how you don’t spend time with them. So now you’ve got a chance to put a smile on their faces.

But this time, instead of taking them out for a dinner how about just sitting and playing games with them? As one of my friends has planned to play ‘Antakshari’ with her family, you too can play something together.

Or simply watch a movie on YouTube together. Keep your mobile phones aside and just see each other laughing and crying during the movie. That’s something you must have not done for a long time, isn’t it?

8. Complete that book

I’m sure you must be having a book that needs your attention for ages now. How about completing it? You’ll be amazed by making this wise choice, trust me.

Yesterday, I finished reading a novel by one of my favourite authors Nicholas Sparks “The Notebook”. Oh My God! What a read it was! Simply mesmerising!

9. Keep a positive mindset

I know how it’s being these days. It’s a panic situation around the world. All you are hearing and reading is the death toll, the logged downs and similar negative kinds of stuff.

But you need to be calm and positive for giving your cent per cent at work and keep yourself stable.

Amidst the chaotic world where people are petrified about the coronavirus, you need to take care of your mental health by not loosing your calm and having a positive mindset.

I would like to thank all the offices who’ve availed this work from home facility to avoid the spread of corona.

Thank you for caring about us!

For those of you who are still going to their offices, please take good care of yourself.

This blog was a bonus blog to share my thoughts with you amidst this alarming week and help you keep sane despite the unusual and horrible situation.

If you’re working from home, do let me know in the comment section below as to how are you managing things and coping with it. I would love to connect with you. Let’s have some positive chat in the comments.

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