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8 Remarkable Reasons To Make Productive People Your Friends

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I talk about productivity and making the most of the 24 hours that you’re blessed with. Today, as you read in the title, this is yet another blog telling you the phenomenal reasons to make productive people your friends.

People often ask me how do you manage to stay motivated and productive all day. I simply boast about my productive friends with whom I spend most of my time – my books.

Yes, I have very few friends who are productive in their lives so I chose books over people. As you know it is difficult to surround yourself with productive people in this world full of comfort and the luxurious social life.

If you have a productive friend then you’re blessed. Reading the right books have helped me understand the importance of being productive and having surrounded by productive friends. The books that I’ve read are written by some crazy productive people from around the globe.

If you don’t have friends who are productive or don’t know anything about the life of a productive person, then read these 8 remarkable habits of productive people.

1. Productive people make a to-do-list

Brian Tracy in his book Eat that frog says, “The Key To Success Is Action”

Yes, that’s so true. Unless you take actions on your goals, you don’t succeed in what you want to do.

The best way to take actions is to make a to-do-list.

Productive people make sure they write down everything before kick-starting their day.

This helps you focus on the major tasks to be done to reach your smaller and bigger goals in life.

Once you get into the habit of making a to-do-list nobody (but yourself) can stop you from achieving the bigger things in life.

I love making a to-do-list. Click here to read more benefits of writing down a to-do-list.

2. They set smaller achievable goals

Productive people do not go big with their goals. They believe in breaking down the goals into smaller chunks and then work accordingly.

In the book, Eat that frog, the author has explained this in detail. When you want to achieve the bigger picture in life you ought to conquer the smaller things which ultimately take you to your bigger goal.

If you jump directly to the big picture many a time you are bound to quit or fail miserably.

3. They stay motivated and inspired

Staying motivated is another key to your success. Productive people get their motivation and inspiration from the books they read or write.

They do not wait for motivation to come to them, rather they fuel themselves with inspirational stuff from different sources, for instance, audiobooks, books, motivational videos, podcasts, etc.

4.  Avoiding distraction is their outlook

Being focused on the most difficult thing to do in this world full of distraction. There’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, and what not to distract you easily. Technology takes away a huge chunk of your hours and energy leaving you unproductive.

Productive people use productivity apps to keep themselves away from all the distractions. Check the list of productivity app. The first app from the list is been adapted by millions of people.

5. These people take good care of their health

As you know, Health is Wealth, productive people keep health as their top priority. If you’re hail and hearty only then can you do what want to do and reach the mountain of success? What is the use of reaching there with poor health?

Productive people take supreme care of both mental and physical health. They believe in meditation, exercise and a balanced diet to stay fit and be productive. Read the benefits of meditation here.

6. They upgrade their skill-sets

In this super-fast world where everything is just changing with a flicker, you can’t afford to be outdated. You too need to upgrade yourself the same way you upgrade your smartphones.

Productive people know the value of learning and upgrading their skills and make sure they stay updated.

7. Productive people know the difference between being busy and being productive

When common people spend their time clubbing, partying or hanging out with friends, productive people are engaged in ticking off tasks from their to-do-list.

Common people make themselves busy doing irrelevant things like splurging on shopping whereas productive people believe in investing their time in productive tasks like reading books.

8. Self-analyses is on their list too

As and when they complete a task that takes them closer to their goal, they take some time out to sit and analyse their progress. They make sure they stay humble and grounded despite the success that gradually comes their way.

Self-analyses helps them keep a check on their development and highlight the areas of improvements.

Productive people do not wait for the right time and the right things to happen. They work towards making things happen. They don’t waste their time explaining their dreams, they show their dreams. They don’t sit and wait for luck to do its magic. They are the people who do things magically well.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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