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10 Random Facts About Me. Day 11.

It feels great buying something of your own, with the money you’ve earned and saved for that one thing. Isn’t it?

Today’s post is written on my new iPad 7th generation.

As the title is screaming and telling you that it’s going to be a fun and lighthearted blog. So are you ready to laugh a little and relate a little with these 10 random facts about me that I’m not guilty about.

1. Stationery shopping excites me 😍 alag alag fancy journals give me the feels.

2. I am a religious person 😇 and I am not ashamed or embarrassed about it.

3. My mother is my craziest and choosy shopping partner. I only shop with her.

4. Long earrings amuse me to the core.🥰

5. I can cry for 2 hours at a stretch for the dying Shahrukh Khan in Kal Ho Na Ho and end up with swollen eyes and face.

6. Cracking the lamest jokes and howling over it (all alone) is my favourite thing to do.

7. I can miss a call from my bestie but I can’t miss the ongoing episode of Chala hava yeu dya ( a Marathi comedy show).

8. I eat panipuri whenever I feel lonely. That cheers me up quickly.

9. I can’t stand TikTok videos. And I legit don’t like people watching and making tiktok videos.

10. I have the ability to dash into people, drop their bhels or  at the vadapavs and at the same time be absolutely unaware of my act.


That’s all for now 😉. I hope you liked my blog. Do share anyone random facts about you that you’re not guilty about.

Let’s make this more fun. Waiting eagerly for your comments ☺️



P.S. This blog idea originates from my witty best friend’s head. She suggested me to do one blog on this topic.

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Shraddha Rane is a blogger from Mumbai, India. She graduated from the University of Mumbai and enjoys writing and spending time with her friends.

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5 thoughts on “10 Random Facts About Me. Day 11.

  1. These are awesommme….
    Loved the 6th one…cracked me the most…
    Mine would be…
    An OCD with laying a bedsheet #RandomnessAlert
    It has to be tightly tucked in…wrinkles on the bedsheet bother me and when i lay a new bedsheet i don’t allow my family members to sit on it….i am scared they might actually spoil it…

  2. So, now you can expect a long earrings as a gift from many (not me).
    Here’s my random fact (you must be already aware of ):
    I can be witty with even the sweetest person alive and not feeling guilty about it.
    PS: Although, I feel guilty about not feeling guilty.

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