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Birthday Cakes And Much More | Post 2 of Blog Marathon


Hey there,

I know I’ve missed posting a blog for the last two days. Though I didn’t intend to miss on my regime, I decided to go with the flow.

It was my mother’s birthday on the 21st of May, so I’m unapologetic about not posting a blog. Nevertheless, I’ll not be missing out on the number of blogs.

So, after my marriage, this was her first birthday, and we decided to celebrate it by staying over at our special place. Initially, I was very grumpy about travelling as it would snatch away my beloved weekend from me. I also tried convincing my Mom about how busy I was and how much was going on around the new book.

I said, “Why not you and Dad come over to my place?” as that would save me the travel time and energy.

She said, “Fine, we’re not going anywhere. I’ll be happy at our house.”

I had never seen her so adamant about something all these years. After some time, I told myself, “Okay, the book’s promotion can wait, but her birthday can’t.”

I left my house at six on a Saturday morning. Before I could meet my Mom, I had to attend a function (I will talk about it in my next blog). Finally, after much travelling, I met my Mom at 5 pm.

Seeing me, she had a nice smile on her face. I hadn’t planned anything for her birthday besides the cake which my mother-in-law had baked. Accidentally, I happened to meet her with two cakes in my hands. Read my next blog to know the interesting story behind the second cake.

Around 6 o’clock we did the cake cutting. This was the first time we had cut a cake for her. It’s not like my Mom’s birthdays are less important, but we’re not into cakes. We don’t believe in celebrating anything and everything by cutting a cake. The primary reason is my father’s diabetes. If he sees anything sweet lying in front of him, he almost forgets in has high blood sugar.

After a little photo session, I offered to cook dinner for us, and so we went shopping for stuff. Mom and I walked together, gossiping about various things and Dad, as usual, was a mile ahead of us (not sure which race he has to win).

I made chicken fry and chicken curry for dinner. Mom chatted with me from the living room while I prepared the food. She was in awe of my cooking as I was quick at it. When I’m home in Mumbai, I don’t go near the kitchen platform as it’s too small for me to manage. After cooking for around nine months in my husband’s house, I got used to the big kitchen and a long L-shaped platform.

My parents loved the food. The chicken was tenderly cooked, and we all enjoyed a scrumptious meal.

I’m happy my husband couldn’t make it to the birthday celebration as my parents got undivided attention from me.

I had not planned any gift for my mother, so I thought of giving her some cash. When I offered it to her, she said, “You coming to meet me is the biggest gift!” I was dumbstruck at her reply. Never have we had an emotional conversation like this. I looked away from her to avoid the emotional moment. It’s then that I realised why she was so adamant about me coming. Since my marriage, she has suddenly grown older. We don’t live in the same city, and that’s the reason she longs to see me, talk with me, and laugh out loud at her lame jokes.

I thanked myself for not staying back home and travelling to see my mother on her special day.

Read my next blog to know about the function I attended in the first half.

See you there!


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  1. So beautifully penned! Being a mother myself, I can understand another mother’s feelings very well.❤️

    1. 🤗🤗🤗 thank you!

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