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2020 is being a harsh year for all of us. With millions of people losing their lives all over the world due to the COVID attack, somewhere deep down we’re all broken.

But can we just sit and mourn about the physical and mental (and financial as well) damage that the lockdown has caused? No, right?

We got to fight back this difficult situation with great courage and calm. When my parents were tested positive a few months ago, I followed the same principle and we all got through the situation.

2020 is a puzzling year for me. The story that’s going to follow now is something I’ve not shared with anyone yet.

As this blog is my favourite place to be, I ought to reveal it here first. So here it goes: (the two most important events of my life happened in 2020)

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know how much I’ve been waiting to publish my first book. After putting in years of continuous efforts, making big sacrifices and believing in myself I sent my book’s proposal to several publishers across the traditional publishing industry.

Soon after that, my parents were hit by the deadly coronavirus and I almost forgot about the emails that I sent to the publishers.

A couple of days later, I was surprised to have received a reply from one of the top publishers after I had sent the email. Though it was a rejection I was blown away by the fact that they had actually replied to my email.

Getting a reply from a publisher takes months or sometimes you do not hear back from them at all. This particular publisher gave a valid reason for why they could not publish my book. The genre of my manuscript did not suit their current publishing ventures.

The second email that I received was from a publisher who was happy to publish my first book. In the ideal circumstances, I would have been celebrating and dancing around to have received an ‘acceptance email’ from a publisher. But neither could I express my happiness nor could I share it with anybody. Because this email was received when my parents were admitted to the isolation centre, away from me.

That’s life – unpredictable, I said to myself and closed the email without replying to it.

You know what followed next. I wrote a short story and published it on Amazon on my COVID experience and you guys loved the ebook.

The first thing I announced to my parents as they came back home was that my book was finally getting published. I could see the happiness in their eyes.

After that, I quickly wrote back to the publisher and the process had finally begun.

Writing a book is not a piece of cake. It requires an ample amount of dedication, consistency and a lot of time. A writer puts all of this in writing a book. Apart from the writer, a bunch of other resources also put in their work to make the book readable by a reader.

The cover design, the editing, the type-setting and a list of many other things are involved in bringing a book to life.


I’m grateful to my publisher for showing interest in my story and understanding the gist of the book.

A couple of days ago, when I announced the news of my new upcoming book, you guys have showered lots of love by sharing stories, commenting and sending beautiful messages on Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook.


I can’t wait for you to read the new book. Hope you like it!
Stay tuned for the book launch which is on 22nd August at 9 pm IST. It’s going to be a virtual book launch where I’ll go live on my publisher’s Instagram page.

Excited much? Do join me for the live to share my little joy. See you there.

Until next time, stay happy and please keep yourself hydrated.

See you!

P.S. Blog updated on 23rd August.

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