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Monday Mornings Done Right by Shraddha Rane


Hey there,

How are you? Hope you’re doing well.
I feel so blessed and enthusiastic to announce my first published book that was launched yesterday. The virtual book launch on Instagram was awesome. I enjoyed every bit of it to the fullest. The entire vibe was filled with positivity.

Though I missed the actual book launch which would have taken place in the presence of my dear readers, I was equally engaged into the virtual book launch. After all, this is the new normal in the corona times.

Many of you have already bought the book from Amazon immediately after the launch. Thank you so much for all the love and  support. I’ll be waiting for the reviews to pour in on Amazon.

Monday Mornings Done Right and other stories is a book full of positivity that’ll brighten up your mood and bring a sweet smile on your face.

I promise the book will give you happiness and the pleasure of reading short stories.

Do buy the book and support my writing venture as you’ve always been doing. Click here to grab your copy. 

Happy reading !



P.S. Do let me know how you liked the title of the book. Have a great Monday ahead and make it right by reading the book.

P.P.S. In case you don’t know how to read books on your mobile phone click here. 

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2 Replies to “Monday Mornings Done Right by Shraddha Rane”

  1. Hey Shraddha, congratulation for your new book. Very happy for you. I already bought it. Its in my reading list. After finishing book in my hand. I will directly jump on your book. Eager to read it.

    1. Thank you so so much Mansi. I hope you love the book. Happy reading ❤️❤️

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