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25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!


Yes. You guessed it right. I turned 25. First and foremost a heartfelt thanks for all your sweet wishes.

Being the 25th there was a lot of planning going on in the background which I was unaware of. In the evening, at the railway station, I got a beautiful and the best surprise ever from my three close friends.

I’m grateful to them for all the efforts they’d put in planning to see the biggest smile on my face.

Birthdays are so special. You’re being wished “Happy Birthday” now and then by someone or the other. There are cakes, candles, gifts and so much of love around.

Birthdays are also to be thankful for the year you’ve lived by. To ponder on the new people you met, the new lessons you learnt and new obstacles you conquered.

When I look back at the 25 years I’ve lived, its one hell of a journey.

 I’m happy I did meet the deadline that I had mentioned in my previous blog. The joy of achieving something you’ve always wanted to is immeasurable. 

And so you ought to do maximum things before you turn 25.

So, here are 25 things you should do before turning 25.

1.Live alone

When you live alone away from home, you learn to be independent. Be it a rented flat or a hostel, your life away from home teaches you to ‘live.’

You realize the importance of ‘home’ only after staying away from it. Decorate your rented flat to make you feel at home.

2.Travel to your dream destination

Travelling to new places is an epitome of gaining practical knowledge.

Get out of your house and travel to that one place you’ve always longed to see with your very own eyes.

I was fortunate enough to visit my all-time dream destination before I turned 25. Read my travel experience here.

3.Get your dream job

Work towards your dream job and get it before you turn 25. Because once you’re used to the boring job you’ll continue repeating – “I’m bored” your entire life.

Get a job that’ll be your first inspiration to dismiss your alarm and get out of your bed.

Work for your passion where the money is not the centre point. With consistency and your determination, things will automatically fall into places and money shall flow in.

4.Quit the one you don’t like

When you’re in your bed for a longer time and still are lazy and clumsy then you’re not happy at your workplace. Stop dragging yourself to the place you don’t like and get a switch.

Work hard towards it and do it before 25.

When you’re 25 you’re considered old. Your body automatically searched for a cushion to rest on.

But if you set the right momentum before you turn 25 you’re on your toes throughout your life.

Read my story here and chalk out a smart plan for yourself –Why I Quit My Job? – Answered In Detail. 

5.Spend time with your family

As you grow old, your parents also grow older. Don’t let your priorities clash into your family time.

The family should be your priority.

One day, when my mother sat in front of me, I happened to gaze at her after a long time. It was then I noticed her wrinkles. That hit me hard that she’s getting old and that she needed me more than anything else.

Take a break and look closely at your parents you’d see the difference yourself.

6.Join a Yoga class at least once before you turn 25

You’ve learnt a lot about your body and the various systems that run inside you. But when was the last time you did complete justice to your body?

Until you join a Yoga class you’d probably never know what the right practices to lead a healthy life are.

Yoga is a way of living. Yoga pumps in immense positive energy for spiritual living which will help you look young irrespective of your age.

Meditate. Live. Repeat.

7. Read a life-changing book

Between the ages 18 to 25, there are high chances of getting stuck in life at some point or the other. You have no idea what you’re doing with your life and where life is taking you.

When in doubt just read randomly. Go around the book stores and pick a book (self-help) you find interesting.

You never know which book proves to be a life-changing book for you.

For book recommendations read the below blogs. 

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8. Go on a night out with a bunch of unknown people.

Yes. It’s a completely different experience. Talking to people of different professions, age groups and interests under the same roof is crazy.

I was fortunate enough to have experienced one such mad night.

Read about it here –The Nightout – Interesting AF


You’re no longer in your 16s where you could eat junk, go to college and be a sloth at home. It’s you who have to take care of your body.

When you grow older your body starts giving up on you. And the ultimate solution to keep it functioning is to exercise. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative to this.

10.Learn to say ‘No’

If you keep on nodding your head in acceptance to everything the world will keep on dominating you.

Say ‘No’ if you’re not in for something that you’re least interested about. If it’s not your job you have all the rights to say ‘No.’

11.Learn to be alone

As soon as you’re out of college, you got to be picking yourself up after a fall. People are too busy to check on you.

Learn to enjoy your own company and be self-sufficient.

12.Learn to cook well

25 years is a significant number. You cannot order food every day, can you? Learn to cook at least your favourite dishes perfectly.

That’ll give you the confidence to go ahead and cook whenever and wherever it’s required for you to take over the kitchen.

Make your parents proud by being a good chef at home.

13.Take Good Reads challenge

As I always say, there’s no alternative to reading. If you want to achieve something in life reading is the base to everything.

Go and take a good reads challenge which will motivate you to read a considerate number of books in a year.

Read at least 50 books before you turn 25.

14.Come out of your comfort zone

You’ll go nowhere if you continue to be in your comfort zone. Get out of it and kick off your laziness now.

15.Stop relying on others

– for anything and everything. Do your work all by yourself. Be it grabbing a glass of water from the kitchen or making your bed.

16.Respect your weekends

Treat your weekends as they need to be treated. A two-day weekend is comprised of 48 hours. That’s huge you see.

Don’t take them for granted and spend the entire weekend clubbing and partying. Instead, make them productive.

those 48 hours which are only yours. Work on yourself and do justice to your time. Amidst the hustle and bustle also take some good rest.

17.Stop being addicted to the technology

Use your electronic device in the right way. Don’t overdo the social media thing so much that one day you’ll lose your own self.

Related blog –8 Productivity Apps To Help You Make The Most Of Your Time!

18. Attend a book launch before you turn 25 (if you’re a book lover or not)

It’s inspiring to see how passionately the author talks about his/her book at the book launch. The joy of their book getting out into the market radiates in their eyes.

Do experience this wonderful moment to inspire you to do what you like, passionately.

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19.Never Settle

Though it’s a tagline of one plus series, it goes well with our lives. You must have heard people saying, “Ek bas settle hojaye to phir bas maje hi maje hai”

Well, I think settling is becoming a slave to money. Once you get a decent package at the job, you tend to get the feel of settling in life.

Don’t let that happen. Keep working with the same enthusiasm throughout and let new things happen to you.

20.Let the grudge go

Don’t celebrate your 25th birthday with grudges inside you for your friends and family. Start with a clean slate and let go off the negatives.

21.Make friends everywhere

You meet many people in your teens and early adulting years. Exchange good conversations with them.

Make friends wherever you go. More the merrier.

22.If you’re a non-Mumbaikar and have not visited Mumbai, do visit once

I felt Mumbai was overrated until I went away from the city. You’ll know why I say after you read this blog. It’s a detailed guide for a one day Mumbai tour. –Top 8 Places To Visit In Mumbai – By An X-Mumbaikar

23.Order your own cake

I mean it. I ordered my own cake asking the Swiggy guy to write my name on it. Don’t wait for anyone to get a surprise cake for you.

You’re capable enough to buy your own cake, aren’t you?

24.Pay the ‘Bills’

Start paying your electricity bill, recharging the D2H service, renewing your internet pack and also paying the restaurant bills.

Your parents have been doing all this for so many years now. Now it’s your turn to pay the debts. Though not all of it can be returned, you can at least do your bit.

25.Be brave and do that one thing which you always wanted to do

For once don’t think about anybody and be brave enough and just do it.

There are only two possibilities, either you’ll fail at it or pass with flying colours. But if you don’t do it how will you know the result?

I took that brave step and published a short story on Amazon Kindle. Read the description, the free sample, reviews and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

After all, you’ll be investing your money into it.

Also, let me know how you liked the 25 things to do before turning 25. I’ll be waiting for your response.




P.S. If you’re already 25, don’t worry because it’s NEVER TOO LATE! Start right away if you’ve not done the above 25 things.

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10 Replies to “25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25!”

  1. Totally relatable to one’s life.

  2. All done😜

  3. GAURAV BALAPURE says: Reply

    Hey lady, you’ve just noted down the “timeless priciples” which I believe are irrespective of age. Having said, ‘better late than never’ ! But yes, the sooner the better too!
    Well, in point no. 4 – quit the one you don’t like, applies in terms of people as well 😛
    And ohh yes, by the way, I’ve gathered the skill to turn my own home into the one looking like rental flat (if that counts 😛).
    Jokes apart, Thanks for yet another wonderful article Shraddha!

    1. Yes, you made great point …give up on people you don’t like ☺️ peace in life is so important you see!
      Thank you for your comment 🙏😊

  4. These are good things to do at many stages of life 🙂

    1. Yeah that’s so true. 💛
      Thank you for your comment ☺️☺️

  5. 14th point is the most relatable and difficult one for me…
    No growth in comfort zone and no comfort in growth….
    Thankyou for a wonderful read….
    Happy 25 !!!!

    1. Yeah you’re right. Thank you Sam 😊😊

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